Sunday, 26 August 2007

Nous vivons dans la Terre, Large et Brune

When one gets around in the Wide, Brown Land, distances are considerable.
Cairns is 2000 kilometres fom Adelaide and Darwin is nearly 3000.
That's - as the crow flies, as we say.
In the Outback, the means of transporting goods is by Road Trains and here you have just that.
This is a small one. They also have four trailers.
If you drive from Charters Towers to Longreach, or Coober Pedy to Alice Springs, then you'll see them.

If you think that you can pass a road train at 120 k/ph; then think again. The time it takes is not seconds - but minutes. A lot can happen in that time.

The nice thing about Australia is; - this is the land we love, the land down under. Everywhere you go someone will say, 'G'day mate, how the F' are you'. You will always be amongst close friends. Friends who would gladly give you the shirt off their backs.
That is the Aussie spirit that defines our wide, brown land.


Jules said...

G'day my Aussi Mate!!!

Love the road train but hate passing the buggars!!!

Now all this talk about the next Queen Emma of the South Seas - maybe I could ....but I think I've left my run a little too late!!! Am willing to give it a go though!!!!

Jules said...

By the way - now I'm past my 50th blog do you think you could put me on the blogging list!!!!

M.Benaut said...

I am trying as we speak.
I need to remember how to do it.
Please email me


M.Benaut said...

MumbaiiteAnu said...

Road trains. Interesting and new to me.
And hats off to the friendly Aussie spirit.

Victoria said...

I've never seen anything like that. Seems more practical than simple trucking.

Janet said...

I'd much rather here that than road rage! This is an interesting way to transport stuff.

dive said...

Now that's a REAL truck! I waaaaant one!

Sally said...

I've never been on the road with a road train - terrifying. The B-doubles round Sydney are bad enough.
Sydney Daily Photo

Anonymous said...

I have seen them on television actually flying or going so fast they seemed to be flying. Amazing. we have two sometimes here on our interstate and they are a nightmare.

claude said...

big and very long truck ! Very interesting ! Thanks.

lyliane six said...

Des panneaux indicateurs de distances sont mis sur mon blog, c'est impressionnant!!!!