Friday, 10 August 2007

Une nouvelle voiture pour Lynn

Sometimes it is difficult to take a photo at 130 kilometres per hour on Adelaide's South Eastern Freeway.
Therefore one must travel to Italy to find a better photo.
Recently Lynn's car was damaged by the devastating floods in Tewkesbury and she needs a replacement. Perhaps this is just what she needs.
La Polizia Stradale will have a hard time catching Lynn, (nel suo Lamborghini Gallardo.)


dive said...

Woah! A Police Lambo!
Cool, MB!
The traffic cops have a couple of race-tuned Lotus Esprit V8s on our local roads (the factory is only a few miles away; little brother works there).
When they come screaming past it scares the willies out of me!

M.Benaut said...

I didn't know there were willies in the UK, Dive !
Don't let the girls down under hear that. Crikey!

rogério sousa said...

better, much better is for me a Impreza STI...

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

FanTAStic! Yep, that'll do for me, M. Benaut, do for me. he he. A great find!

It's one of my sons' birthday, M et Mme. Pop over to Cheltenham to see my gorgeous boy (so proud of him)!

Michael Salone said...

"Hiding down under", reported The cops,
"Alone with her bottle of gin";
"Her toes are all missing",
the description did read;
"That's how we knew this was Miss Lynn."

The Benaut's were grateful
the cop car was fast
To take away this frightened lass;
They wizzed through the streets in a car that was blue
To ship back the snake in the grass.

(ok, it's weak, but you'll have to see Lynn's blog to get the idea...)

Jules said...

mme benaut - I can see you in this!! Pick me up and we can go cruising!!!!

Diving was great yesterday and I am off to Pigeon Is this morning after work to dive on a wreck - no not my husband - an old WWII sunken cruiser or something!!!! Pigeon Is was on my
July 25 post. Cheers

ooops.... hi m benaut - nice snaps - mme benaut and I may be a while - don't wait up!!!!

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Thanks Mme, i'll sort through some of those pebbles. It's time, i think, don't you? And just when i thought i'd got rid of a rat, i go over to Paris.......doh!


Nice post
You will received funny comments !!!

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Lynn loved the quick car
She drove fast and far
Away from her son's wanted snake
You mustn't get one!
She said to her son
Speeding dust clouds aloft in her wake

But Michael was wrong
Bout the gin all along
Lynn hardly drinks a drop
She prefers shoes and scent
And a man who's a gent
Sadly wasn't to be; the cop

Michael Salone said...

No Lynn doesn't drink
(she wants us to think)
But this time it was totally earned;
'tween rats and large floods
and long slimy snakes
Sometimes even Lynn makes mistakes.

But saving the day
In their gentlemen way
Came policemen to rescue poor Lynn;
They drove to the scene
Trying not to careen
To leave her is simply a sin.

Back to England she went
So Adelaide wished
Miss Lynn farewell and adieu;
She sped out of sight
In the dark of the night
In her new car très fast and quite blue.

Forgiveness I plead
For this poem of speed
No time to be writing too slow;
A great bunch of folks
(Can one say a good yolk?)
To Monsieur and Madame - les Benaut!

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Les Benauts - very kind
They are of one mind
Yes they're good yolks for sure, yes they are
They listen, they laugh, they've great photographs
Well, hey, they even got me a car!

So Michael; it's late,
We started at eight
We've been versing around the world
I've loved the whole trip
Each poem and quip
Each word as you penned, it unfurled
I think it has proved
And I am quite moved
That our minds; they work quite alike
That coffee we'll share
In Paris we'll dare
Ride the tower or even a bike
I'll get there one day
If only to say
Why, Michael, tis me! I am here
Just show me around
With all sight and sound
Let's taste wine and even a beer!

Michael Salone said...

I'm touched deep inside
From the verse that I cried
Ok no, but it rhymed with the word;
The question I dare,
"Are the benaut's aware?"
Or, have they flown off like a bird?

I won't start again
As I've work to begin
And this takes up, way too much time;
It was fun while it lasted,
But work I have, blasted!
So this is the end of my rhyme.

Marie said...

If I had a car like that I sure would not drive it in the narrow streets of Montpellier or on the roads around the city as there are so many bad drivers.... I would keep it in my garage. :-)

M.Benaut said...

Benaut crawled out of bed,
with a 2 a.m. head
And turned on his ordina-teurrr.
To his great surprise
And before his two eyes
Lynn and Michael had started to whirrr.

With all tyres screaming,
no longer were dreaming
these mad folk from over the sea,
They were hooning and ripping
like fish in hot dripping,
unlike that young chap o'er the lea.

To control them is puerile.
To keep up is just futile,
So what's to be done?
one may ask.

A quick trip to Paris
in the Lamborghini
That should do the trick
and if you're really quick
you'll surely see me
sur l'Avenue, Champs-Élysées.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Michael don't disappear!
You have to stay here
We need your pen's words and wit
I feel i've been blasted
And am quite aghasted
I'm not liking it, no not one bit

Yes i have work too
Am busy, like you
But we mustn't desert Les Benauts
Their place is just fine
With beach, car and wine
We should visit oh yes let's just go!

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

While you're in Paree
In the lambourghinee
Mike and i could inhabit your pad
We'd keep it quite clean
Feed the cats, keep them keen
Best arrangement there is to be had!

On the beach with young Michael
Keeping fit; walk and cycle
It sounds quite fun i dare say
You could jump from Paree
To UK in Tewkesbree
And have a quite fine holiday!

Mike and i would read books
I think that he cooks!
We'd laze about, swimming in sea
I fear he might fright
Misunderstanding my sights
I promise; just friends it would be!

M.Benaut said...

You've got a date , cobber
It sure ain't no bother
To rip over there in a flash

You can open some wine
'cause that sure would be fine
while Michael cooks bangers an' mash.

I'll bring some crayfish,
A très élégant dish
And out in the sun we shall lay
While madame settles backkkk
up the bow on a hammock
dans la chaleur du soleil

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

I know that Madame
That wise, clever femme
Will put me right re; my men
She'll tell me the wrong
I've made all along
In choosing them over again

She and i'll chat
While she strokes her cat
We'll talk about books, life and shoes
We'll swim and sunbathe
In chiffon we will swathe
While our men we shall leave to their booze

M.Benaut said...

A sexist comment like that,
will just send me straight in to bat.
With plenty of boose,
one has little to lose-
In chiffon and just the right hat.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

'Where's Michael?' they cried
'Why does he hide, his presence right here on the blog
He hasn't been seen
Since morning; so mean!
Maybe he's out for a jog?

He pretends it's work
I think that it's shirk
That he's reading somewhere in the sun
I think this until
He shows us his quill
And pens us another small pun

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Ha! Not sexist my friend
I must make amend
To my comment i meant nothing like
You can bat to my hat
I will match to your catch
We girls will clap you and Mike

M.Benaut said...

If you think that I'm staying up late,
yet again while you dish out the bait,
my poems won't rhyme
and I'll be out of time
to buy all that ribbon and lace.

But it's army boots, I would prefer,
and madame, you may ask what of her?
She can drink in the pink,
like a girl, don't you think
While Michael and I make a stir.

M.Benaut said...

It's now Friday in Oz
And because and because
Even though all the ink's barely dry
There's another day comin'
for whisky and rummin
So kisses, bon soir, and................ZZZZZ.

Michael Salone said...

What can I say?
It's been quite a day,
Of work and no sun and no beer;
But had to check in,
To see Lynn with her gin,
"I don't drink a drop!" I can just hear.

I just can't compare,
With these poems you dare,
They make my mind want to crash;
To top it all off,
The words are all off,
with "cobber" and "bangers" and "mash"!

If I continue to write,
I will be here all night,
No need for more rhyming - INSANE!
So off to a meeting,
My mind over-heating,
I'd rather be drinking champagne!

Yes it'd be awesome,
to swim with the dolphin,
To sit on the beach or in snow;
The offer is tempting,
the chiffon exempting,
Are you ready Lynn, get set, LET'S GO!

Unknown said...

I'd surely be CRUISIN' in THAT!!!

Awesome set of wheels...any cute cops to go along with it???


Michael Salone said...

"It's now Friday in Oz",
Says the man who's the bozzz,
To make us all jealous I'm sure!;
Your weekend will start,
As we begin our first part,
You know how to make things more dur!

So sweet dreams ole chap,
As you take your long nap,
Downunder where life is so cool;
We'll continue to work,
While stress you will shirk,
Then certainly jump in the pool!

Ame said...

Willies and sillies abroad?
Cool Lambos made just for the PLOD?
It's all just a dreeeeeeeam!
Like good chocolate ice CREEEEEEEAM!
And an "O" where you MUST yell Oh GOD!


Michael Salone said...

So Ame has come,
To entertain some,
And keep us all on our toes;
Her capital letters,
Are always sure-betters,
But this of course, everyone knows!

Michael Salone said...

You know Benaut's there,
And tempted to err,
By writing just one more little prose;

But late it is now,
Madame's "having a cow",
If he dares he'll be met with the hose!

"having a cow" = Yankie for "to be angry"

M.Benaut said...

I knew that you'd do it,
You make me play truant,
My good bed, I'm never to see.
And even my cat
Is reclining so flat
In the spot where I'm 'sposed to be.

And I've posted the next
so you guys won't be vexed
Disadvantaged in any old way.
When you live way down under
It's like singing in thuder
Who cares if you don't hit the hay.

Now the door's knocking loud
when I see through this cloud,
All these yankees have rallied at last.
Amy's yelling at me,
I'm just out of my tree
This long night 's gunna be quite a blast.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Oh Michael, let's naughty!
No, don't become haughty
I meant let's make him stay up
We'll keep him from sleep
And make his eyes peep
Way over his hot-chocolate cup

He cannot resist
He knows we persist
In making our rhyme so tempting
His bed's calling out
Mme she will shout
"Come to bed! Leave them both there to sing!"

So Michael; it's we
All alone you and me
Is anyone looking right now?
Take my hand, come let's GO!
To the beach, darkness low
In barefoot -
What, no swimsuits oh wow!

Michael Salone said...

You know that this thing
Is starting to ring
I can't get it outta my head
Then tempted was I
To know that the guy
Downunder was ready for bed.

Australia beats even Korea
And Sweden has only Ikea
But swimsuit I'll wear
No matter your dare
To prevent a case of gonoreah
(I can hear Lynn squeal now!)

Michael Salone said...


Sorry, I crack myself up...even if it was stupid!

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Indeed i DID squeal!
It seems so unreal
You should mention such things to my ears
How could you believe
That catching that.. (heave)
Would be likely by baring our rears?

Michael Salone said...

YOU try and rhyme
"Korea" and "Ikea"
I'm sure you'll come up with the same

If "it" is the villain
Then take penicillin
You get what I've got in this game (the rhyming game that is!)

So back to the story at hand
Benaut's sawing logs near the sand
We'll sneak in the back
And then we'll attack
The watch-cat who's guarding the land

And Adelaide won't be the same
"Stop them! The one's with the game!"
At passport control
Our heads they will roll
And next it's the border patrol!

The weather in Europe it sucks
We've rain till we're waddling like ducks
But kangaroo land
Sounds simply just grand
So what if it costs a few bucks

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Why yes it will cost quite a bit
Which is hard as i've been in the shit
I've just lost my car
When floods came so far
Past the doors now i need a new kit

All i want is that clear, blue sea
Just a good book, some wine, you and me
The sand in my toes
Champagne and a rose
What a dream holiday it would be

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Wish i could see M. Benaut
As he wakes and turns on his O.
With so many verses
He'll turn to the curses
And pen a reply; he will so!

Anonymous said...

Michael and Lynn
Had strong Mickey Finns
Words burst from their lips
About all their trips
Down under to visit les Benauts

Said Mme to Monsieur
Where were you my dear
But no answer was heard
Above the roar as he snored
Yeah another night comes to a close.

Hi guys and thank you for the wonderful prose (ahem, poetry!) Poor M.B - he looks RAGGED this morning but he enjoyed every moment.

Michael Salone said...

Madame takes to the keys as she quips
Monsieur surely fatiqued from the whips
We've worn them both out
(At least they don't shout)
Who knows what'd come out of their lips!

I must be more careful today
I have "loads of work" as they say
Vacation is soon
(I might leave at noon)
But don't want to take from sick pay

So amusez-vous bien tous les deux
My rhyming in French is like poo
I'll slave like a dog
In my mental fog
While virtual fat you do chew!

Anonymous said...

With her cats by her side
Mme seeks to hide
From the lash that poor Michael wields

For a weekend in chains, of the daisy variety
With Lynn ne'er bashful exposing her entirety
Michael dashing, prances about in the fields.

Sipping champagne so cool
Though it's nowhere near Yule
Tis anyones guess what it yields.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Wow Madame is awake
His breakfast she'll take
As Monsieur is nursing his head
He's cursing Michlynn
His bed he was not in
But trying to verse on ahead

Now Michael he threats
And ready he gets
To leave for holidays -where?
I need to go with!
I think it's a myth
It's just that his words have gone bare

M.Benaut said...

When is too much, never enough?

Some Brits are so white-
They hardly see light,
And quickly down under they come.
They lie on their tum
With their bum in the sun,
Such a wonderful way to delight.

Les vacances, it is true-
It's the right thing to do,
So pack up one's bags and set sail.
There's snow and there's sand
In the great, wide, brown land
And you'll never again look so pale.

With 3 million square miles-
Yep, the whole British Isles
Could just fit in the palm of one's hand.
We have rivers and rocks
And we hate wearing socks
While traversing with freedom this land.

While les Français sont squawking-
down-under we're walking
Exploring each cliff, beach and cove.
There are mornings to view
Over coastlines, not few,
And at sunset "The Rock" turns to mauve.

When the bold evening hue-
brings the stars from the blue,
And the campfire just sizzles away,
The night sounds of the bush
Fade away with a shoooosh
Who cares much about 'travailler'

With the Southern Cross pointing-
and revellers anointing
themselves with some claret so fine,
there's no deadlines awaiting,
(there could be some mating),
It's 'mateship' we know to define.

So cobbers and mates-
forget washing plates,
Or anything done for a quid,
Tell the boss to get lost'-
That you don't give a toss
We're all off to Australia to Live

Michael Salone said...

Monsieur...Absolutely, no doubt, positively, hands down, undeniably,
without reservation, the best thing I've read all day! You need to know, that whenever I get fed up with things, the code words I use are, "I'm moving to New Zealand". Maybe I'll change it to Australia, but you get the point.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

M. Benaut did he write!
Did he stay up all night?
He has penned a fair epic be sure
His message is clear
Aus is great, so come here!
I will make it, one day, to that shore

M.Benaut said...

Well guys, what can I say?
The silly season starts in Novembre and goes until stumps.
I'll do a post, soon about future "Loisirs".
It's starting at American River on Kangaroo Island, where all one needs to catch Garfish is a dark nite, something that floats, a power generator and a large coal shovel.
Sweet fish, no worries, just eat, drink and repeat!

M.Benaut said...

J'ai juste éliminé la Nouvelle Zélande de la carte du monde. Elle existe, pas plus.. Trop facile.

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