Thursday, 23 August 2007

Bread is the staff of life?

There is nothing more tasty than fresh bread, straight from the oven, and the Central Market sells any sort of bread that one's heart desires.

Something is making this little girl smile, could it be the bread?
I doubt it, she has something far more fulfilling on her mind n'est-ce pas !


dive said...

Were you naked when you took this, MB? You certainly did something to make her smile like that!
And that bread! MMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
I want to eat the lot!

Jules said...

Hi m - I made it but I do feel like I have walked all the way!!!

I thought the same as dive although I was thinking that you must have said something to her!!!

We get terrible bread up here from the bakeries so I make it myself. Can't wait to get to Austrlia and buy wonderful bread!!!!

lyliane six said...

Tous les amis étrangers que j'ai reçu en France, se sont régalés avec de la baguette bien fraîche et aussi avec des croissants.
you know?
Venez y
goûter aussi.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Gosh that does look delicious! Her laughter is intriguing. I know what you know she's thinking.

Anonymous said...

She probably caught a glimpse of that little pecker of yours after you got done giving that mule the high, hard one. I don't think that she's ever seen anything quite that small before.

Monica said...

I bet any of these breads would go very well with that frommage we had back in Paris, n'est ce pas?!