Thursday, 2 August 2007


It's August in Adelaide, and yet there is more cold and rain to come. However we will soon be warming up slowly as Spring approaches.
Here, you can see yachts moored at the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron at Outer Harbour.
On fine weekends one can sail across the 40 kilometre wide Gulf St. Vincent which takes between 4 and 8 hours of sailing time.
Time to reflect - and think - and breathe in the clean ocean air.


Anonymous said...

What time does that ship sail? I don't want to be late!

Anonymous said...

Interesting photo. Sorry about the cold weather. But your photo of the masts is really nice.

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Anonymous said...

Reflection and tranquility, as long as you leave a forwarding number. :))))))))
Some sea sickness tablets and i'm there.
Much love and hugs xoxoxoxox

drpack said...

Nice reflections ... visual and mental!

Your "cold" still isn't too bad ... wait until I send you the winter weather report from here!

Cheers mate!

Marie said...

Beautiful photo! I like sailing boats.

Jules said...

Another beautiful photo - the reflections in the water and the cool colour are superb!!!!

PS There is a message about the vegemite on my breakfast blog.


Very nice picture...the way you have the reflection on the water is really wonderful...