Friday, 17 August 2007

Football Australien; - Australian Rules Football

Le football australien est un sport collectif opposant deux formations de 18 joueurs sur un grand terrain ovale, généralement de cricket. Comme son nom l'indique, ce sport est originaire d'Australie. La saison australienne va de mars à septembre, pendant l'hiver australien. (-de Wikipedia).
Les migrants à la terre large et brune ont apporté beaucoup de codes inférieurs du football à ce pays mais rien ne surpassera la compétence de notre jeu national ! !
Vous pouvez voir clairement, l'ombre de la boule sur la terre, -pelouse- d'ovale d'Adelaïde.

This photo was taken at 'footy' training at Adelaide Oval on Tuesday. It shows how the ball is kicked, hopefully to be marked (caught) by a team mate, who then is awarded a free (kick) if the ball has travelled more that 15 m.


Michael said...

How did you get this shot? Perfect alignment and action. I'm only concerned about the censoring you might have to do when Lynn and Monica wake up to this!

M.Benaut said...

It certainly is a danger, Michael. Perhaps I had better concentrate on the women's beach volley ball. In fact I reckon that I should promise to capture this wonderful sport as soon as the heat descends on Adelaide. It would also provide an immediate boost to tourism in Sth. Oz.
Done, Monsieur.

lynn said...

Oh sorry is this pic about football? I only saw a man's legs....;)

Kate Isis said...

Speaking as a cockroach - new south welshperson - that ain't football. Thats aeriel ping pong!

Jules said...

Very true Kate Isis - I am a banana bender and I agree.... BUT you have to admit the shorts (or what little there are of them) are impressive!!!

Marie said...

He seems to be dancing. His movements are certainly more "elegant" than those of soccer or rugby players.... What a good shot!

Bravo M. Benaut.

Kate Isis said...

Jules - the shorts are pervable yes, but i forever have the image of that Warick Capper in my mind.
Those shorts and that mullet. Scary.

Jules said...

kate - you are sooo right - too scart!!! I saw him on TV recently and he hasn't changed - although the shorts are longer and the hair shorter which is a relief.

Michael said...

"Banana Bnder"? What is that Jules?

dive said...

Now that's a REAL game.
Nice one, MB!

M.Benaut said...

Dear Michael,
You need to be introduced to Aussie speak...
South Australians = Crow Eaters
West Australians = sand gropers
Queenslanders = banana benders
The remainders are all-so-rans
If you ever meet a girl from Queensland, MATE, you will never look back.
Just dream and think how good it might be.
Mental images of Australia, can't be improved on !!

dive said...

All my images of Australia are pretty mental.

lyliane said...

Ce foot ball ressemble au rugby, il y a la coupe du monde, cette année en France , au stade France, pourquoi ne viendreiz vous pas?, je vous attends, ma maison est à 3/4 heures de route de Paris.Vous êtes le bienvenu.

Anonymous said...

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