Saturday, 18 October 2008

Un très petit aperçu du merveilleux jardin de Claude

With the late afternoon rain clearing and our sad farewells said to Axelle, Apolline and parents, we once again set out on Route Nationale 306 to our next destination, Château-du-Loir on the banks of the Rivière Loir, - ( masculine, which flows into the Fleuve Loire - feminine, - at Angers).

Les Français sont si français, n'est-ce pas ? - They are soooo French in France !!!

And, with "un petit crachin" drizzling on the glass we high-tailed it, aussi vite que possible, through Sablé-sur-Sarthe once more.

Claude and Philippe were expecting us and we were flying. We found the Avenue Jean Jaurès and asked directions to Rue Pasteur.
The girl in the supermarchè looked at me as if I were an Australian.
C'est ici, elle a dit. Vous y êtes. We were there but we didn't know it.
I nearly said that every town in France has streets with these names; but I won't. Claude en aura marre de moi !!

We pulled up at the meeting place, l'Atelier de l'Ébénisterie des Frères Duffour, and rushed into each other's arms simultaneously. It was wonderful.
There were more arms than people, but we coped with it !!!
We were becoming much more educated, and enjoying immensely, practicing what and how and when and how much.

Philippe was a true-blue Aussie, in a very French way. We sat on the terrace at their lovely home while the girls cackled and giggled.

While dinner was being prepared we both decided to solve the problems of the universe over a few drinks with him speaking half English and half something else, and me doing the opposite. This was perfect, we were speaking 'Globish'.
Nous nous sommes trouvés très normaux, et nous avons fêté ça en prenant encore un verre !
Together we concluded that despite the consensus, we alone were normal. Agreement had been reached and we were laughing.
Time for another drink ?

Tomorrow we will see how "Un couple d'Australiens découvre l'ébénisterie castélorienne."
"An Australian couple discovers castelorian cabinet work". (Castéloriens are the inhabitants of Château-du-Loir.)


claude said...

C'et vrai m.Benaut, la première soirée fut très sympathique, entre Mme et moi et surtout entre mon Chéri et toi, quelques verres aidant. Ces deux jours passés tous les quatre ensemble fut inoubliables !
Malgré mon sourire sur la photo prise de la voiture, j'étais très triste de vous voir partir.
Merci pour ce post m.Benaut.

Webradio said...

Joli post, et très joli jardin...

claude said...

J'ai honte ! Oh la belle faute !
Je voulais dire que ces deux jours passés ensemble SERONT inoubliables !

Nathalie H.D. said...

Quel beau jardin potager, Claude! C'est de là que tu as tiré les tomates cerises de ta confiture d'aujourd'hui?

Nathalie H.D. said...

m.benaut, I'm sure you are the most apt person in the world at speaking globish. Especially after a few drinks. You're a true bleu Aussie, in a very Aussie way.

Anonymous said...

Le Loir (masculin) qui se jette dans la Loire (féminin): a male river throwing itself in the bed of a very feminine and lazy one... all that gender confusion, oh dear, en effet it doesn't get more French than that.

dive said...

Simply wonderful, Monsieur, although I could never imagine the lovely Mme "cackling"! Hee hee.

Unknown said...

Marvellous pics and write-up. Funny encounter in the supermarket!