Sunday, 12 October 2008

L'EXCITATION : Après midi : jour 4 :

We set out again, as if all of Paris could be seen in just one day, to hit the Boulevard de Clichy, and Moulin Rouge in the Place Blanche.

The atmosphere of Paris was just so beautiful; as on foot, one can stop, smell and savour the little bits and pieces that elude one in a vehicle.
Paris is such a sexy place. Everything and every sight just oozes the sexiness and the romance of the city. It's so old, so French, so sultry that it sucks you in and says, stay here and experience my smell and my true self. All one's senses are heightened here, but that's all you need, your senses, there's no sense denying it.

'Father' Michael was loving it and we were loving him loving it too. Michael is so lovable and we were on a high with him holding the banner.
We must have looked like soldiers for Christ, but heading to the Moulin Rouge and grinning like warriors, we were on a different mission !

The boring old Boulevard de Clichy was such a disappointment, there were nothing but sex shops; thousands of them. After what seemed like an eternity we had sussed them all out and had fallen badly behind in our schedule. How terrible ! The chimney pots were correct; Paris was really hot.

Quand trop, n'est jamais assez !


dive said...

But did you make any purchases, Monsieur?

M.Benaut said...

Errr, still waiting for the goods to arrive !!

Virginia said...

Oh my goodness, there I am doing a high kick after too much French wine! Reminds me I need to behave myself on my trip next month! HA

Your photos are adding to the anticipation! Merci

Virginia said...

Oh, and if it's anything I hate, it's a boring sex shop! HA

M.Benaut said...

I'll send you that email, Virginia.
I seem to have been welded to the computer for some unknown reason, a bit, lately !

The sex shops were fascinating. The staff, (err pretty young ladies), had quite a variety of options to satisfy the most comprehensive needs of the weary traveller.

They could even pick where you were from, and launch into one's language toute de suite.

Perhaps next time !!!

MmeBenaut said...

And one pretty young lady approached me! Believe it or not.
Poor Michael, he had to hold my hand as we walked the aisles seeing the most amazing and scary things with me saying, "OMG" every two seconds and Michael saying "play it cool, like you see these things every day". I think I actually almost ran out of there, much to the amusement of the boys.

Nathalie H.D. said...

I love your pictures numbers 2 and 3.

Enjoyed the sexy topic of sex shops. mme benaut's account of it was hilarious!

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Ooh la la, Mme! That's another place I must visit, then, but not because of the shocking sex shops - to have Michael hold my hand of course!!!

Michael Salone said...

LOL Mme! I swear everyone, it's true what she says. But what Mme doesn't tell is that after she quieted down she'd start again... omg, Omg, OMG! I'm laughing as I write this!

MmeBenaut said...

Hee hee Michael. I still don't know what half that stuff was for!
Signed - "blissful ignorance". lol