Sunday, 9 March 2008

Il ne neigera pas à Adelaide aujourd'hui !

Adelaïde a eu le mars le plus chaud dans son histoire avec les températures ci-dessus 35°C ou 95°F, depuis neuf jours successifs.
Les sept jours suivants seront aussi semblables, avec quelques jours qui atteindront 40°C ou 104°F.
Voici une photo de la tour de guet de feu à Mount Lofty et le gardien qui donne sur la ville et les collines qui sont parallèles à la côte.

Adelaide has had the hottest March in it's history with temperatures above 35°C or 95°F, for 9 successive days.
The next seven days will also be similar, with some days attaining 40°C or 104°F.
Here is a photo of the fire spotting tower at Mount Lofty and the watchman overlooking the city and the surrounding hills.
It won't snow, here, today !


Karen said...

Lets hope the only thing the watchman sees are the glorious views of our wonderful hills, brown as they probably are.

M.Benaut said...

Let's sincerely hope so, Gypsy. We have been blessed so far, this season. Fingers crossed !

Unknown said...

Goodness. What if THAT catches fire?

You must be exhausted in all that heat by now, you two! Hope your freezer is stocked with yummy ice lollies.

dive said...

That's a job I always wanted as a kid (and, truth be told, I still do).
What a lucky guy.
Keep cool!

Marie said...

Quelle drôle de tour ! Il fait plus chaud à Adelaïde qu'à Montpellier !


Don't regret to be in endding we wish to have some dry weather and are waiting for spring ;-).
Could you give us some news about your next trip in Europe ?