Saturday, 5 April 2008

Se dépêcher à la maison vendredi nuit

À l'extrémité d'un tunnel il y a toujours une lumière brillante. Parfois, c'est le tunnel de la vie, de l'espoir, de la santé.
Pour tous mes amis qui sont dans un tunnel de n'importe quelle description, je sais que le soleil réapparaîtra très bientôt.
J'espère que vous tout avez un week-end, chaud et sain. C'est mon souhait.
Bolting home, on a Friday night !
At the end of any tunnel there is always light.
Sometimes, it is the tunnel of life, of hope, of health.
For all my friends who are in a tunnel of any sort, I know that the sun will pop out again very soon.
"A happy weekend to the lot of you", is my wish to all.


Anonymous said...
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M.Benaut said...





dive said...

Gosh, what a lovely, airy, open tunnel, Monsieur. It makes our dismal and dingy English efforts seem like sewers.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

It does indeed. Thank God there's light at the end of the tunnel M. Benaut. I am one of those who needed to know that, not a good day today.

M.Benaut said...

Je suis désolé de l'entendre, chère Lynn.
I hope your weekend will be a vast improvement on today. We'll have a drink for you and raise our glasses to make you feel better.
Tomorrow will be a much better day for you, I promise.

Marie said...

Je ne vois toujours pas le bout du tunnel ! :-)))

C'est un post vraiment sympa, M. Benaut.

Jules said...

Hi - did ya miss me???

Are you in Adelaide - I kinda get the feeling you are swanning it O/S somewhere????

Have just posted and am off for a nap - been up since 2 am!!!

See ya tomorrow.

claude said...

Combien fait-il de long ce tunnel ?
En 1998, en route pour l'Autriche pour rejoindre nos Amis Allemands en vacances dans un endroit superbe. nous avons pris un tunnel de 13 kms. C'est très long quand on est dans un tunnel. Quand on pense à ce qui s'est passé dans le tunnel du Mont-Blanc, cela fait peur...

M.Benaut said...

C'est le plus long tunnel en Australie du sud, et il est le seul. Je crois que c'est environ 700 mètres. Si vous clignez les yeux, alors vous manquerez pour le voir.
Ce marques nous, très international ! ! !

Howdy Jules,
Welcome back home, ma chèrie, and to blogville.
We have missed you heaps !
To answer your q.
My corpse is still in Australia, but my wits have got the travel bug !
If I had just returned from the banana capital of the world, I would seem perfectly normal !
Sadly, that is not the case.
How do you feel ?
I would be confused, but then that is life.
Settle back-in slowly. The holiday to get over the holiday.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Thanks M. Benaut, it is already improved a little!

Yes Jules we missed you! I've been back several times to see the fireworks and now i want something else. Please. lol.

Anonymous said...

Love your site! Nothing better than playing eye spy in "your own back yard".
Michelle aka Boo Book
Tea Tree Gully (Adelaide)