Tuesday, 22 April 2008

La vie est comme un grand bol de cerises

Sometimes, Daily Photo Bloggers have to put up with volcanos, poor telephone connections, and those who speak phonetically.
Often it is difficult to comprehend what they are saying especially when word verification is asked for in the comments box.
If you feel like this sometimes, spare a thought for one of our northern neighbours.
She has to put up with me.
It's enough to give her the Z****S.

Si vous pensez que je peux traduire ceci en français, alors vous devez penser encore. On simplement n'oserait pas ! ! !

Chère Jules, Je vous souhaite un mardi très joyeux.


dive said...

Oh, hee hee! I've been waiting years for it to do that.
Well spotted!

Sally said...

Wonderful! So great you got a screenshot before zapping it off...

And please say thakyou to Mme B (as well as you of course for all your lovely best wishes on the recent blogiversary. :-)

Let's compare notes on France later in the year!

M.Benaut said...

Crikey, Dive.
I beat you to it, (for once ! )

Zapping it off, is something done in the Eastern States. We are far more conservative down here !

Madame will no doubt be pleased to be thanked in so nice a way.

Yes, I really would love to compare notes, both before and after.
Perhaps we could compare itineraries and friends in common that we both may catch up with. So far, I think that I have identified Menton and Montpellier, from your comments; oh ! and Avignon too. We must teach them the Aussie accent !!

I can be reached at:-


Il me fera le grand plaisir de vous parler à ce sujet.

M.Benaut said...

Oh, and Sally; will you be going to Lyon to see Cedric and Angelique ?

Maria said...

I have a list somewhere of these word verification bloopers.

Hate word verification in general, I swear it is designed by sadists who just want to trip me up....

Sakiwi said...

How fantastically hilarious!

Jules said...

How hysterical and yes that is what I have been saying for 2 days now but I will be more careful next time - I had no idea the comments' pages were bugged!!!!

They drove me nuts because I can't read the freaking things (although that one is fairly clear) and they are so hard to download. I got rid of mine ages ago!!!

Mme - Thanks for your advice - I had a Bex and a good lie down and it worked but HWDB reckoned it was the bottle of gin that did the trick!!!

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

he he very funny! Sometimes they put up with memes too -

I've tagged you for a meme M et Mme, at www.ukdailyphoto.blogspot.com - sorry can't do links at the moment. Go on, give it a go!

Chuck Pefley said...

Hah!! Clever of you to grab the screenshot. Me, I would have thought about that after I'd clicked through the verification nonsense. For the record, I find it annoying as well.

Lulubelle B said...

Too, too funny!!