Saturday, 12 April 2008

Maison de détention provisoire d'Adelaïde

Quelque chose dont avoir honte ?
Un avocat de défense criminel d'Adelaïde a indiqué, sur la radio, que "l'Adelaïde City Watch House" est employé par notre police, pour tenir les prisonniers qui attendent en détention provisoire.
Quand une personne est d'abord placée dans la détention provisoire, c'est précisément le temps où ils la plupart ont besoin du contact avec ceux qui les aiment, mais il n'y a aucune visite de famille permise.
Il n'y a aucun accès approprié à l'exercice ou à l'éducation.
L'autorité des services correctionnels a même recouru pour distribuer les anti-tabac patch.
Avec de nouvelles prisons non prévues pour être disponible jusqu'en 2011, et un gouvernement qui semble attentif sur emprisonner plus de personnes et pendant de plus longues périodes, quelque chose devra être faite bientôt.

Something to be ashamed of ?
An Adelaide Criminal Defence lawyer has said, on the radio, that the Adelaide City Watch House is used by our police to hold prisoners who are on remand.
When a person is first remanded in custody, this is precisely the time they need contact with loved ones the most, and yet there are no family visits allowed.
There is no proper access to exercise or to education. The Correctional Services authority has even had to resort to handing out nicotine patches.
With new gaols not expected to be available until 2011, and a Government that seems intent on imprisoning more people and for longer periods, something will need to be done soon.

Je serais très heureux si vous cliqueriez sur cette image. J'ai pensé que vous voudriez voir le détail en cette photo de la nuit.


Anonymous said...
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Maria said...

I really think that if more was done to educate prisoners, there would be less likelihood of repeat offenses.

Yes, if one commits a crime, one must pay...but why not educate them while they are being held and permit them to see those they love? It just seems that the world would sail around a bit more smoothly on its axis if we looked at things from this angle.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

I don't know a lot about it, but it sometimes seems our prisoners get a lot of education, perhaps too much. Some come out with several degrees. Is this a good thing? Some education yes of course, but other, community serving activities might be more useful and more of a sentence. Education to me is a pleasure, a privilege. I do think prisoners should be treated decently and a reform programme applied but it must not seem too much like a holiday or a treat. Educate againt future crimes yes for sure.

Jules said...

Hi M B - what were you doing at the Correctional Centre at night - hope you weren't on the wrong side of the law!!!!

claude said...

Beau centre de détention provisoire pour un mauvais séjour.
Je sais que les gens qui "logent" dans ce genre d'endroit ne doivent pas espérer être dans un hôtel 4 étoiles, mais au moins, il serait bon qu'il puissent au moins voir leur famille.
Si cela se passait en France, les prisionniers feraient grêve !

M.Benaut said...

As you can see, I was on the outside!! I was sticky-nosing for some more night-time shots.
They say the food tastes like s**t on the other side of that blue door.

Claude, I should have named this shot; "un hôtel 4 étoiles"; Adelaide's 4-Star hotel !