Monday, 21 April 2008

Un regard, du côté

Si on marche le long de ma rue, et observe soigneusement pour tous les serpents vicieuse !, on voit les chevaux des voisins.
Ils prêtent l'attention pour observer chaque mouvement que vous prenez.
A sideways glance.
If one walks down the street, and looks carefully for all the vicious serpents, one sees the neighbour's horses.
They are careful to watch every move that you make.


dive said...

What a lovely horse.
Is that a vicious albino serpent in the trees above its head?
Is this lovely horse about to get bitten on the bum?

Terroni said...

What a beautiful animal.
Do you two ride? (Horses, I mean.)

M.Benaut said...

Dive, I think he's far too smart for that.
In 4 years, I have only seen one snake.
Here is shot of his brother a couple of weeks ago.

a. oui, et
b. non.
c. et toi ?

Anonymous said...

Terroni - M.B doesn't know that you don't speak French! He doesn't ride but I used to ride a lot. I started with lessons when I was 7 years old and then joined pony club until I was about 13. I still adore horses but sadly my back won't let me ride any longer.
So, do you ride too?

lv2scpbk said...

Beautiful horse and looks well cared for. Looks like it would be used in shows.

Tanya Breese said...

Beautiful animal!

claude said...

Dans ta rue je préfèrerais rencontrer un cheval curieux qu'un ou plusieurs serpents venimeux.
Ce cheval se distrait comme il peut !

claude said...

After lunch and before goinf outside to word in the yard, we watched on the TV that they are some sharks near Adelïade beaches.
Some surfers have been killed. Its that true ?

Terroni said...

I wish. Actually, I have only ever been on a horse once. I was about 7, and some woman was leading it around in a circle. I'm not sure who was more bored, me or the horse.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Lovely looking horse, M. Benaut.

Kate said...

A beauty. Last night we saw a documentary on the 2006 Kentucky Derby...wonderful footage of the animals as they qualified for the Derby in different races. Poor Barbaro...what a magnificent animal he was. Not very keen on races these days, altho they still fascinate me. Would rather see these beauties as this one in your photo, in a pasture, running free.

Kris McCracken said...

That is a very good looking horse. Very muscular beasts, always good for a photo!

M.Benaut said...

We hear of sharks every summer in our local waters.
We have planes and helicopters that patrol the swimming beaches.
Sadly, a surfer or a swimmer may be killed by a shark, although it is very rare. Here is an article from our newspaper.It is about a boy who died in New South Wales.,22606,23504837-5006301,00.html

Anonymous said...

Terroni: perseverance is the key. There is nothing boring about riding a horse at full gallop but I appreciate that when one is only seven, one cannot imagine such things. Boredom is just an expression of lack of imagination; it also became obsolete with the invention of the internet!

lyliane six said...

Les chevaux n'ont pas peur des serpents?

Tom said...

I just called to say hello and thank you for your comment over on our friends blog.. I see you there all the time so maybe I sould have dropped by before..

All the best to you

M.Benaut said...

Je pense qu'un cheval est capable pour détruire un serpent, mais, car je ne suis pas un cavalier, je ne peux pas dire exactement.
Madame, elle pense que c'est un fait.

Jules said...

Hi Dear M B - thanks for your kind words - I actually think I feel worse tonight than last night but problems with phones and computers all day have taken my mind off the girls . You may have heard me swearing from there - many choice words have passed my lips today all adjectives describing phone lines and computers!!!! But I am now back in the loop.

I actually think I could write a message, tie it to the horse's neck, flourish my hand and whack him on the backside and he could deliver my message to Dive quicker than I could email it!!!

I hope the horse's name is Flicker - I loved that show when I was a kid. Flicker would rush in and kill any vicious serpent to protect you M B!!!!

I am amazed no one has mentioned trouser serpents over the last few days - not that I would ever consider it of course. Your blogging friends must all be very polite.

Now I've filled up your page I'm off over to Dirty Dive and then to bed!!! Good night!!!!

M.Benaut said...

Jules, perhaps that is the province of the French. They live in such a free and spontaneous society, that such phenomena are commonplace.
That's not to say they, err, (as you describe), go unnoticed. Perish the thought !

And, yes, the horse is called Flicker. They write his name in lower case, however, just like Bill Clinton does.

M.Benaut said...

Dear Tig Womly,

Ripper to welcome you here, my friend. You cheer us all up, consistently.
You are welcome here, anytime.

Anonymous said...

avec ses oreilles dressées il a l'air vraiment à l'écoute du moindre bruit pour se manifester ! vraiment très beau ce cheval et photo très sympa !