Sunday, 16 December 2007

Je crois que les plages d'Adelaïde sont les meilleures en Australie.

Les côtes du continent australien s'étirent sur plus de 30.000 kilomètres.
La majeure partie de la population australien vit près de la côte, et la plage a longtemps occupé une place particulière dans l'identité australienne.
Il n'y a aucune plage privée en Australie - les plages sont toutes publics pour que tout le monde puisse en profiter.

I reckon that the beaches of Adelaide are the best in Australia.
The coastline of the Australian mainland stretches more than 30,000 km. Most of Australia's population lives close to the coastline and the beach has long occupied a special place in the Australian identity. There are no privately owned beaches in Australia - beaches are public places for all to enjoy.


Karen said...

We have some beautiful beaches. I love Normanville and also Port Hughes. They are 2 of our best kept secrets.....

dive said...

I thought the whole continent was just one big beach.

Anonymous said...

A biased opinio, m.benaut!
Everyone knows the beaches of NSW are the best LOL!
You get the great white sharks, which we don't!

alice said...

I don't know if it's the cold weather, but I can't see your photo so I take your word for it and I'll come back later!
And yes, our fireplace is working almost every day. Do you know this proverb:" Le bois réchauffe trois fois le bûcheron: une première fois quand il le coupe, une seconde fois quand il le range, une troisième fois quand il le brûle".

lyliane six said...

Que c'est agréable de voir le ciel bleu et une longue plage avec du sable chaud! Ici demain il va faire -6°.

Terroni said...

No private beaches...sounds fabulous. It has always bothered me that people can own access to the ocean here.

Do you and Madame live near the beach? Go often?

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Well you knew i'd love this one didn't you! Stunning. Just beautiful.

Jules said...

We do have the most beautiful beaches in the world and Sunshine Beach Queensland is the best of the best!!!

Maria said...

Torture. All those blues and tans competing for attention.

And me here in Nebraska, surrounded by snow and black ice.

Ugh. Torture, I tell you.

Anonymous said...

Ah, such wonderful comments from eveyone.
Gypsy - I don't think I've been to Port Hughes but I have been to Normanville - lovely.
Dive - yes, life's a beach in Australia.
Nathalie - yes, NSW has Bondi Beach, among others, particularly those in the National Park south of Sydney. Sharks don't really bother us much and we have shark patrol in the summer and some of the best lifesavers in the world to keep a lookout for us.
alice: qu'est ce que c'est le range en Anglais? Je ne comprends pas le deuxieme fois.
Lyliane - Bonjour! Oui, c'est tres agreable.
Terroni - we live about 30 minutes from the beach because we have to race down the freeway and then keep on heading downhill for a while. We used to go far more often. We will go again when I lose 10 kg!! Our home is so nice though, we tend to spend all of our spare time here.
Lynn: At your service Baroness.
Jules: I have some close friends who live on Sunshine Beach! I agree, it is stunning. My mother also lives on Alexandra Headland beach, on the Sunshine Coast so I'm quite familiar with that area of Qld. My brother and his wife are currently in Port Douglas where they will spend Christmas at some outrageously expensive resort!
Maria - my dream is to have a white christmas in the snow at a ski resort so perhaps we'll do a house swap - do you have any resorts in Nebraska or is it too flat?

Unknown said...

No NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This is just WRONG! How can I look at a beach when I'm wrapped up in my sweatshirt, fuzzy socks and sipping English Breakfast tea with cream and sugar? OH! And don't forget the rain outside, kissing my window panes!!! ;)

And you're absolutely 100% RIGHT MB! California hands ARE the best...specially when they're attached to California bodies...and even more so when you're "down under" the oh-so-soft-and-warm-and-cozy duvet!

OKOKOKOKOK! I better stop! I think I hear the Blog Police sirens! And I'm gonna have to start peeling OFF my sweatshirt in a minute! LMAO!

Hi MME! How's your back? Better I hope!

Guess I can say Stay COOOOOOOL!

Unknown said...

Sigh~~~~~~~~~~sorry MME! Your FOOT! I meant to say hope your FOOT is sister has a bad back at the moment....BRAINFART! NO! It was the HAND comment that got me all outta whack!

On second thought, maybe I NEED a good whack!


Toodles again!

Unknown said...

it's been like 10 years since i was in Adelaide!

maybe 2008 should be a year to visit again! ;-)

i thought some beaches in Queensland are private? maybe i am wrong...