Friday, 14 December 2007

L'île de Kangourou a été vraiment nommée, l'île Decrès

Quand nous voyageons à l'île de Kangourou, nous partons du cap Jervis, mais Capitaine Baudin avait nommé cet endroit, cap Dupleix, en 1802.
Ma recherche m'indique qu'il l'a baptisée du nom de, Joseph François Dupleix, qui était gouverneur général des Établissements français de l'Inde, et grand rival de Robert Clive.
Quand nous débarquons chez Penneshaw, nous, en fait, arrivons au cap Delambre,
baptisé du nom de Jean-Baptiste Joseph Delambre, un mathematican français et astronome, d'Amiens.
J'aimerais chèrement voir tous ces noms retourner à ceux qui ont été donnés par capitaine Nicolas Baudin en 1802 !
Cliquez s'il vous plaît sur cette image pour l'agrandir. Ce serait un crime à ne pas faire ceci.

Kangaroo Island was originally named, "Decrès Island".
When we travel To Kangaroo Island, we depart from Cape Jervis, but Captain Baudin had named this place, Cap Dupleix, in 1802.
My research tells me that he named it after, Joseph François Dupleix, who was the governor general of the French establishment in India, and was the great rival of Robert Clive.
When we land at Penneshaw, we are, in fact, arriving at Cape Delambre, named after Jean-Baptiste Joseph Delambre, a French mathematican and astronomer from Amiens.
I would dearly love to see all these names revert to those that were given by Captain Nicolas Baudin in 1802 !


dive said...

There's a big statue of Clive outside India House at one end of St.James's Park.
Because of the odd typeface the sculptor used, unless you get really close the name on the plinth reads "Olive".
I'll have to post a photo.

alice said...

Just a sight and Australie was French...

Maria said...

I have this odd thing about old maps. I have several hanging in my home and everyone asks me what they mean. I tell them that I just think they are beautiful and I get some very odd looks....

Jules said...

Wow wouldn't it have been great if the French had colonized us - the bread would have been better and so would the names of places!!!

roentarre said...

i know there is a bush fire on kangaroo island and wish everything turning out well

claude said...

C'est comme ça ! Paris s'est appelé Lutèce et la France, la Gaule. Bien que le nom de Lutèce soit joli, je préfère paris car j'y suis née. Je préfère aussi qu"on dise que je suis Françaises plutôt que Gauloise !
J'aime bien le nom de l'ile de Kangourou, c'est plus Australien que Décrès. Tu es d'origine française M.Benaut ?

Marie said...

Je ne savais pas du tout qu'il y avait eu autant de Français en Australie. On n'attend plus que moi, hi hi!

Anonymous said...

Like Maria, I also have a thing about old maps. I love them, not only are they artistic in their own way, but they allude to travel and mystery. I especially like the really old ones, where entire continents or states are missing.

THere was a time when this place I am in now was labeled as nothing more then "West" of the Mississippi.

Hope you are all well!

Michael Salone said...

Wow, that was confusing. I'm sure I'll have to come over and get a personal tour to really understand, but for now I'll just study the map.