Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Feux de buisson très sérieux

Il y a quelques feux de buisson très sérieux sur l'île de Kangourou, cette semaine.
Malheureusement, je ne peux pas voyager là, pour vous montrer, mais c'est à quoi il a ressemblé, la dernière fois que j'étais là. Paisible et serein.

There are some very serious bush fires on Kangaroo Island, this week. Unfortunately, I can not travel there, to show you, but this is how it looked, the last time that I was there. Peaceful and serene.


dive said...

Looks like it's going to be another long, hot summer, Monsieur B.
I hope the bush fires stay well away from you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dive. We do worry because we not only live in the hills but are surrounded by beautiful eucalypts and wattles which unfortunately burn readily. We do a great deal of preparation each year, including cleaning the gutters frequently and mowing the creek which is dry in summer. However, if there was even a hint of a bushfire close to home, I'm afraid that I would be putting the cats in the car and leaving quickly; hoping for the best. There is really no way that we could adequately defend the house and even though we have a cellar of sorts, I think we would suffocate as fires suck up all of the oxygen. Also, the water pressure is greatly reduced when the CFS is using water from the mains. Our house is mainly double brick construction so something would no doubt remain for us to rebuild. So, fingers crossed that our local country fire service branch stays on their toes this summer.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Hope you stay clear. What beautiful red earth that is.

Maria said...

It looks like Tara.

Anonymous said...

Maria, what is Tara?

Lynn, the earth in the centre of Australia is much redder - I'm sure M.B will find a photo for you to see it.

Jules said...

How horrible - this is just so typical of our Aussi summers isn't it!!

Love the new photo - your grandson looks so much older and you look so much younger - how did you do that???

M.Benaut said...

WOW !!
Thanks Jules; you are the first person to notice.
I was beginning to think that no-one loved me, but now I feel better.

After Christmas, I will be going back to K.I. and will definitely post some more shots of this magnificent Island.
Also I have a great friend in Gig Harbor; (Washington State) who will hopefully pay us a visit next year.
They don't know, yet, but I am organizing for them, a house on the beach; just like yours.

Perhaps I will post that shot 'tonite'.
If you troll back to Sun 2 Dec. you will see one of the new boats that "The Boat Doctor" and I have been preparing for catching fish, in American River; an inlet of the sea - very good for fishing (and other imaginative things).

I'm sure that others will love K.I; it's just a matter of showing up and letting us know first.

Marie said...

Dans ma région, ce serait des feux de garrigue, et en Afrique des feux de brousse :-))

J'espère que tout est calme maintenant.