Thursday, 27 December 2007

The Sydney Light Rail Line to Lilyfield

Sally, from Sydney Daily Photo, has always shown us the best that Sydney has to offer.
Naturally, one loves to experience another's town, but without usurping another's proprietorship.
Here are some photos of the tram that runs from Haymarket to Lilyfield in Sydney.
You know that I love Trams !
Thank you, Sally for letting us in to your town, we have many fond memories.

Sally, de "Sydney Daily Photo", nous a toujours montré le meilleur que Sydney doit offrir. Naturellement, on aime éprouver la ville d'une autre personne, mais sans usurper la propriété d'une autre personne.
Voici quelques photos du tram qui fonctionne de Haymarket à Lilyfield à Sydney. Vous savez que j'aime des trams !
Merci, Sally pour nous laisser dedans à votre ville, nous avons beaucoup de belles mémoires.


dive said...

Wow! A transport system that actually moves!
And has seats you can sit in!
Please export this marvellous technology to blighted Blighty.
We are in desperate need of it.

Jules said...

God what's a train??? Toot, toot!!

Michael Salone said...

Dive and Jules, I can probably help you! Ok, maybe not Jules...they barely have street signs there, but Dive, we'll build a special Christmas train just for don't like Christmas either...hmmm

Maybe we'll have to just stick with Adelaide where even the most junior citizens are train fanatics!

Great shot M. Benaut - Must have been fun!

M.Benaut said...

Thanks, Michael.

I was too scared to mention the manufacturer's name, but I am sure you are miles ahead of me !

You might say we bombarded Sydney by tram.

Jules, it's one of those things that Sambo and Rastus loved when they went to New York !

Now, Dive....
You know my response to that comment.
British passports are "still" valid here.
When we become a republic who knows who the Govt. will bar.

Michael Salone said...

LOL! I could tell simply by the grumpy ticketmaster. Must be hard working in an environment such as that!