Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Les Passages d'Adelaïde

Adelaïde a plusieurs arcades qui joignent des rues et des ruelles.
Ceci donne la ville, un sentiment légèrement parisien; pensez-vous ?
Aujourd'hui nous sommes dans le Passage Régent.

The Arcades of Adelaide
Adelaide has several arcades which link streets and lanes. This gives the city, a slightly Parisian feeling; do you think?
Today we are in the Regent Arcade.


dive said...

Tres chic.
Lovely and sunny, too. I'm jealous!

Karen said...

My hairdresser used to be in that arcade. Oh I really do have to go to the city for a visit one of these days. I am too spoilt by the country I'm afraid.

lyliane six said...

Oh! oui on se croirait passage du Havre gare Saint Lazare à Paris.

Jules said...

Wow - i thought for a minute you had gone on holidays to Gay Paris - MMe B and I could do some major shopping damage there I reckon!!!!

You need to talk to Benson M B - he got beaten up by a girl cat (how embarrassing!!) and has a bad leg. Has been on my bed for 2 days and has to be carried everywhere. Poor love. Do you have any advice for him!!!

Bergson said...

J'adore les passage comme le tien avec ses magasins et la lumière qui arrive de la toiture en verre.
ça me rappelle le passage Pommeray à Nantes souvent utilisé comme lieu de tournage pour le cinéma.

Maria said...

I like all the globes and deep rich colors. It just looks warm and I pine for warm.

Terroni said...

I'm jealous. This town has allys linking streets...and it's best not to walk down them.

Michael Salone said...

Wow, you're right. It looks just like our passages here in Paris. Maybe a little more commercialised, but very similar. Oh yes, there seems to be streams of sunlight pouring in...something we don't have at the moment.

Jilly said...

yes indeed - so like the passages of Paris. beautiful.