Friday, 24 April 2009

Dévalisé déchets de dimanche ?

Les marchés municipaux tous les dimanches, sont plein toujours des déchets et des trésors.
Pour $35 on pourrait acheter un poussoir de langoustine, sans bougie ou un agrippeur de verre de globe oculaire.
Vous n'aimez pas juste, des marchés de ville ?

Stirling silver in the Sunday sunshine at Stirling
Sunday morning markets are always full of trash and treasures.
For $35 you could purchase a lobster lifter without candle or a glass eye ball snatcher.
Don't you just love town centre markets ?


claude said...

Over here in Chateau du loir there is a market every saturday, on the big place in front of our beautiful townhall. On morning for food and the afterrnoon for clothes, shoes and others things.

Unknown said...

Ohh I do ! I collect silver cutlery and I can see a few here! I can almost ...touch....them.... ;)

Marie said...

There are lots of markets in Montpellier but if you like antiques you need to see "les puces", at "la Paillade".....