Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Parfois les pingouins aiment nager dans l'eau chaude

Sometimes penguins like to swim in warm water
When one has swum 3382 kilometres from Antarctica to Australia it is only equitable that we provide some warm water for these penguins on the south coast.
As a major tourist destination, Australia needs to ensure that all our tourists are well satisfied with our friendliness and warmth.

Quand on a nagé 3382 kilomètres de l'Antarctique à l'Australie il est toujours équitable que nous fournissons de l'eau chaude à ces pingouins sur la côte sud.
Comme une destination touristique importante, l'Australie doit garantir que tous nos touristes sont bien satisfaits de notre gentillesse et chaleur.


Michael Salone said...

Ahhhh can anybody not love 'em? Between them and the koalas, you have a regular zoo going on down there!

Marie said...

Ce sont des pingouins frileux !

The fairy said...

Are these what you call fairy penguins?

M.Benaut said...

Yes, these penguins which have a smaller stature than others are called Fairy Penguins here in Australia but only in relation to their size.
They are found on this, Granite Island and Kangaroo Island about which I have posted many times.
Perhaps in future I might take some shots of Little Penguins at the Penguin Centre at Penneshaw.

Marie, it's funny that there is a colony of penguins at Sea World in Queensland where the water temperatures would be perhaps 26°; much hotter than the freezing temperatures of the Antarctic.

Michael, maybe Australia is one big zoo !!

claude said...

J'aimerais être un pingouin en Australie du sud !