Saturday, 18 April 2009

Qu'est-ce qui a ébranlé le pont" ?

Si nous traversons le fleuve Tarn ou marchons à l'Île de Granit, les choses peuvent devenir bancales.
Mais est la raison australienne pour le fait d'être branlant, le même comme la raison française ?

Who's wobbling the bridge ?
Whether we are crossing the River Tarn or walking to Granite Island, things can become wobbly.
But is the Australian reason for wobbliness, the same as the French reason ?


Marie said...

C'est un vrai pont, c'est incroyable de voir ça? Il y a eu un tremblement de terre????

M.Benaut said...

Marie, you were very kind to correct my vocabulary today.

One always knows that one will make a gross error one day and the French will refuse me admission.

Alexa said...

Whoa! M. B, is it this way in anticipation of an earthquake (because it will stand up to one better)?? It must be safe—there are people on it, including you!

Unknown said...

Ok what's the story here please? This is just so weird I need to know who, what, why, when and how. :)

M.Benaut said...

No, Marie, the Earth didn't move, nor was ANYTHING else moving at that precise moment.
As you can see from the Viaduc Millau, things wobble much more successfully en la France than here in Oz !!

Unknown said...

I still don't get why such a bridge would be built?