Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Paris ou l'amour, qui peut discerner la différence ?

The dawning of a new day, brought fresh expectations of adventure, excitement and European culture.

With suitcases bulging with souvenirs, and brains brimming with beautiful British memories we dispatched ourselves to St.Pancras Station bright and early.

We stepped aboard the Eurostar to hurtle off to Paris, to the sounds, sights and delights of the City that sleeps only when you do.

The Eurostar is a great means of moving fast. Don't expect to be a spectator, just sit on it and arrive. All one can do is write up one's diary, watch the blurrr of the French countryside whip along, read about Barack Obama's impression of American Conservatism in the last quarter century, or contemplate the Genius of GEC Alsthom, (now ALSTOM) who conceived and built France's fast trains on which we were now traveling so magnificently, to the town that held so many of our dreams and long-held desires.
In only a few blinks of the eyes, including falling asleep after reading, "Et l'impact de l'événement ne tient pas seulement au fait que Barack Obama soit le premier Noir à avoir de très sérieuses chances d'entrer à la Maison Blanche", we found ourselves approaching the railway station which offers entering tourists the keys to the city, the chance to enter Paris, to really be there as distinct from dreaming about it during all those months of wishing.

Finally, we WERE in Paris. Yippeee !!! At the Gare du Nord.

And, who was there to rush us away to their home on the River Seine, a barge on the river's edge, dans le seizième arrondissement, dans le Bois de Bologne, près de la Passerelle de l'Avre.

Demain vous apprécierez l'expérience et le tressaillement qui nous nous sommes sentis, ce premier moment dans la ville de la lumière et de l'amour.

Yep, we were really and truly in PARIS.


Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Ohhh I'm there. Right there with you, M et Mme with this report. It's so well written and atmospheric! It all sounds so exciting and love the pics. Can't wait til tomorrow's!

Jilly said...

Just wrote a comment and it disappeared so apologies if this appears twice. Blame the new iMac that I'm busy learning but goodness the photos look good on it. I really like that interior shot of the Eurostar.

Michael Salone said...

Who built the train? I didn't quite catch that... ;-)

I'm excited to see this part of the trip on the péniche! Should be interesting to hear the story!

Nathalie H.D. said...

Just like Jilly I thought I'd just written a comment but it disappeared. What's this thing, m.benaut, swallowing your guests' comments like a great big white gulping down innocent surfers?

Nathalie H.D. said...

Welcome home, you two!
Sorry I missed your official day of return to blogging but I can no longer do daily rounds of my favourite places in the world. You will however get my regular visits and undivided attention because I want to read all about your long journey of adventure.

Very selfishly I'm happy that you're home so I can correspond with you again!!!
Take care, mr. downunder!

Nathalie H.D. said...

Now that London eye is quite an experience!!! Were you scared? I would have been!!!

Jules said...

Yippee - Paris - your trip is bringing back so many memories for me !!

I adore Paris!!!

M.Benaut said...

Thanks Lynn.
As you can see, I am still re-living it all and the desire to share it with you all is quite overwhelming.
I reckon that the tale of the trip will be longer than the trip itself. Is that because I am so detail oriented ?

Jilly, I am 'wrapped' that you have your new iMac. Aren't the colours and the brilliance of that screen so good ?

Michael. Our carriage and probably the whole train was constructed at La Rochelle in 1993. How do I know that; read the first comment !!
You'll become more crazy when you see the trams on the line from Les Milons to La Grande Arche, in a few days, an ALSTOM Citadis 300 - 2002.

Gulping is a very Aussie thing Nathalie, not only reserved for your comments.
When you come and stay (aussi tôt que possible) we can expand on this theory.
Thanks for the great welcome home. We arrived to very warm sunny weather, just like we experienced from Montpellier to Avignon and Menton.
Sadly the air doesn't smell very French so we'll have to return to the Place d'lHorloge aussi tôt que possible. Otherwise my twin brother will go bats.

Scared on the London Eye ? Nahhhh. Neither was Madame and Dive; not with me there !!!

Jules, how long has it been since ? I'm glad to show you. You will adore it all over again. Just wait and see.
I can only post 5 shots per day so it's going to take quite a few minutes !!

Maria said...

Ah..one day I must see Paris.

M.Benaut said...

You bet Maria !!
So in the meantime let's show you a few shots to whet your appetite and then you will see how our wonderful blogfamily works when you visit their city.
It's really mind blowing.
Great to see your smily face my dear.
Big fat hugs from me and Mme. xxx

Virginia said...

Oh I am so happy you are in Paris. Just 40 till I will be also. I look forward to your daily posts of your adventures.

M.Benaut said...

That's great Virginia, You should enjoys these small reminisces and when you arrive, you'll feel like you know the place, I hope !

Kate said...

Oh, my! I haven't visited for a long time, but just now found your post re. your trip and my favorite city in the world...Paris. I know that I'll spend several hours today reading all your posts and savoring the photos. Have a great Sunday in the City of Light!!