Monday, 27 October 2008

Les Châteaux de la Loire : AMBOISE : 1

Amboise, située sur les bords de la Loire, was our next stop.

Not only was Amboise home to Léonard da Vinci in the final days of his life, between 1516 and 1519 but also home to the Royal court of France.

Le Château d'Amboise was however, our destination and with the rain refusing to dampen our enthusiasm we crossed the Loire and walked to the rue principale, lined with lovely timbered houses, cafes and colour everywhere.

It's wonderful being a tourist in France; every corner reveals a little more of the surprises and secrets that this country offers.

Gavin and I were arguing in French; or rather, I was correcting everything he said and he was doing the same. Just as we always do in French class back home.
Marie-Thérèse would have sent us to the 'le directeur' for a belting !

The Château d'Amboise was enormous and we headed off in nine different directions, trying not to act like Aussies in France ?
I found the rooftops and the others found les chambres. We kept crossing paths and tried to look French, - which I'm sure we did.

We had really got the hang of it.


Dido said...

J'aime beaucoup tous les photos de vos vacances!

I have awarded your blog a "Blogging Friends Forever" award. Come and visit Edinburgh DP to pick it up and pass it on!


Jules said...

Hi M B - are you there??? I have a feeling you are buried under a pile of photos somewhere??? Enjoying your travels and they bring back so many memories for us.