Friday, 31 October 2008

En partance pour, une crème glacée, des policiers et Limoges

The morning of Saturday 6 September was sombre.

We had left Gavin and Josie at le Gîte, 'Les Altéas', at Assay and would not see them again until our return home in October.
On the brighter side, there was the entire remainder of France to explore and enjoy, and more people to make and share laughter with.

Richelieu, Châtellerault and Chauvigny ont glissé sous la voiture argentée, as we sped south. Our destination was Limoges, but perhaps we could make Brive-la-Gaillarde ?

It didn't really matter.
The unexpected is always the thrill of being in France, and who cared about bothersome plans.
Spontaneity makes its own friends and binds people from the furthest reaches.
Language is simply the delicious froth that kisses one like a new flavour.

And so at Chauvigny an ice cream was ordered, just in case we were captured by the Gendarmerie or had to kiss anyone who's temperature was perfectly normally French.

Good thinking !

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claude said...

Belles photos souvenirs !