Friday, 3 October 2008

Home in body - but the spirit lingers longer - in lands far away.

After seven incredible weeks of meeting the most delightful and generous friends in seven countries we have finally arrived home, happy, exhausted and totally fulfilled.

The sensation of remaining awake for thirty hours whilst flying back, down-under has been an experience in itself - a reminder of how much we packed-in to our long trip, and the joy of meeting virtual friends who now are life-long bosom friends whom we hope to welcome to our home as soon as they can make it to Oz.
It's a superb feeling to have so suddenly expanded one's family and to have so many more loved ones, (and Christmas cards to send !)

Adelaide Daily Photo will resume when I have done justice to acknowledging the time and generosity of so many lovely people in England and France who are part of this wonderful blog family. I will also thank other friends in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Malaysia, all of whom played a part in the pleasure of this amazing trip.

Above all we will all see some of the fruits of Eric's inspiration and brilliance in conceiving Daily Photo Blogging and the happy and close-knit family that has resulted from his panache and talent.

I dedicate the next however-many days of posts to this man, himself, lit by the brilliance of the City of Light and Love, Paris, and to you all.

On arriving in Gloucestershire, the first beaming, welcoming smile was that of Lynn who was awaiting us at her favourite meeting place, Sue and Norman's Beckford Hotel just outside of Tewkesbury where Lynn lives.
True to form, Walter and Henry the dog were also there to meet us as we drove in from the Wirral where we had just attended my son's wedding.
Norman's Beckford Hotel was simply perfect and the meals delicious. A definite must for any traveller to Gloucestershire.
The following day, Lynn picked us up and showed us her lovely city including the site of the disastrous floods the year before.
It was super to meet the person who had given me so much encouragement to start blogging, and who was my first commenter. Naturally all these matters were giggled about when Lynn entertained us both at a sumptuous lunch at her lovely home.
Madame and Lynn struck me as sisters, they laughed and screamed and giggled so much together.
Thank you so much dear Lynn, we are so much in your debt; and for posting Adelaide DP in our absence.

Tomorrow: A bloke you all know - and you will if you don't !


Trueblue Bob said...

Welcome home dear friend.
Thanks to all who let us enjoy your fabulous and exciting trip. It was exhausting just reading and following you on the 'blogs'.

M.Benaut said...

Thanks Rob.

Sorry to say that there are only just under 8000 photos of the trip.
You will see a couple more in the days to follow.

We were blown away by the kindness of all the wonderful folk we met and I'm so pleased that you were able to follow our progress.

I'm sure that everyone will have a good insight into the wonderful conviviality that personifies all those whom we met.

This will take me quite some time which I hope all will enjoy sharing.

Jules said...

So pleased you are back!!! I too am exhausted after following you around all these weeks. So glad you made it too Rabaul but you must stay longer next time!!!!

8000 photos - oh my goodness!!! Will the blog be able to hold them all???

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

My, I'm so touched by that write-up, Monsieur! I am so glad you enjoyed your stay. Didn't we have a marvellous time together? I too felt like Mme is a sister; strange you should say so, it's exactly how I was thinking. It's great that you're back safe and sound and 8000 photos my goodness! Can't wait to see some of those... Hope you've caught some sleep now. lots of love, Lynn x

M.Benaut said...

You've been a little ripper since we have been away.
We've seen your comments and really appreciated them, although it;s been hard to respond owing to the pressure of 'work' !!
Now you know how you and all our blog-friends will be received when you come down to the Wide, Brown Land.
Thanks for your support. No one's comments went un-noticed; it was always truly appreciated.

You bet you will get to see them !
It will take a long time but there are so many stories to tell.
Our stay in Tewkesbury was superb and such a delight to see you and Norman sitting out front waiting for us at the Beckford.
I only wish we could have stayed longer.
Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for all your care and fun and laughter. We had just the best time.

Tune in tomorrow for the next episode from London. You won't be disappointed.

Webradio said...

Hello You !
Toujours agréable voyage alors : belles photos...

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Can't wait! Miss you both!

M.Benaut said...

Nous avons apprécié l'amitié merveilleuse de tant de personnes aimables en France.
Merci de tous vos commentaires pensifs pendant notre voyage.
J'ai maintenant l'occasion de dire, merci.
En jours à suivre, je vous montrerai notre amour de votre pays et la bonté que tant de personnes nous ont montrés.

dive said...

Ah, welcome home at last Monsieur!
Please accept this huge hug.
I am so glad you are both back safe and well and are now awake at last!
Thank you for an amazing time.
These are lovely photos of your time with Lynn (you should ignore her pleas and post a photo of her, too … Ow! Lynn! Stop hitting me!).
May I congratulate Mme on her glorious trousers, easily outshining the beautiful Virginia creeper at The Beckford.
I am so looking forward to seeing the entire European tour and reading of your adventures.
More, please!

M.Benaut said...

Trousers were a girl's best friend ?
Now there's a title for a Blog post, Dive !!!
Some blokes will collect anything ??

Seriously, we had a ball in London; a most memorable day was spent with you, which will stay in our hearts for evermore.

Huge hug gratefully accepted.
Tune in tomorrow and we'll show 'em what we dun in London.

Now I must prepare. I reckon it will take more than just one day to do justice to all the hi-jinks we got up to !!

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Those trousers were so pretty, Dive! No photos thanks, no, until I'm fully recovered. M. Benaut is a gentleman and will honour my request, I know.

M.Benaut said...

Dive, next trip to Gloucestershire, - a photo, if I'm permitted !

Michael Salone said...

You've re-surfaced! We were all beginning to get a bit worried, but knew that you would manage wherever you were. How nice to see that you are back safe and sound though!

Can't wait to see ALL 8000 photos! Have news for you and Mme that I'll save for an email. For now, relax and enjoy being back home!

M.Benaut said...

Thanks Michael,

I think you're going to love Paris.
Now, That's definitely an understatement, n'est-ce pas ???

Virginia said...

I followed your trip with great interest. I will be going to Paris in November. Peter, Alice and Marie Reed will all be joining us for a grand time. CDP is indeed a wonderful group of bloggers. I can't believe you managed to connect with so many. What a great trip for you both.

M.Benaut said...

Dear Virginia.

Thanks so much for your comments today. I am so pleased that you will go to Paris and meet-up with these lovely folk in November.
You will certainly be enthralled with Paris just as we were.
You are so right about the "family". They are a tremendously friendly and close-knit, virtual family of friends, and they care deeply about each other in a way that non-bloggers do not understand nor appreciate. The pleasure is to change from virtual to real !!

You have obviously seen the people that we met on our trip and at the moment I am retracing our steps on this blog in order to thank each individual, and also to show you all a little more detail of the fun and the pleasure that we had.

In a day or two, we will have arrived in Paris and you will see that which we are talking about in some of the photos and the text.

If you would like to discuss destinations, hotels and things to do whilst away, I would be happy to help, either on this blog or on..

There is so much to tell.

Coltrane_lives said...

M. Benaut...I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your trip abroad. What memories and friendships you made. Merci for sharing and allowing others into your lives. You will no doubt have a lot to take in over the coming months. Best to you and the missus and glad you arrived home safely (and hopefully with all your luggage too).

Petrea Burchard said...

M. Benaut, I lost track of you at some point but I enjoyed your early adventures. Seven weeks! What a trip!

I completely agree with your sentiments about this blog family and Eric's inspiration in creating it. It was Christie who gave him the three G's: genius, gentleman and I can't remember the third. But it was a good one.

I look forward to all 8000 photos.