Thursday, 16 October 2008

Château-Gontier : Walking through the old town.

The little girls were delightful, and we chatted in French, although not all that fluently at first. They were so sweet and polite, and a credit to Mum and Dad.

They lead us after lunch, with Dad, on a discovery tour of the city where we were shown le centre-ville, le Mairie (Town Hall), and the elegant Église Saint-Jean, with it's excellent 12th century bell tower.


Anonymous said...

Aaaah les corsets sur mesure, we could count on you for spotting such a sign - had the Parisian sex shops opened this gentleman's mind?
Thanks for that anyway m.benaut, it's a rare find. What a treat :-)))

to a

dive said...

What beautiful buildings, Monsieur.

I love the "Corsets" sign (and of course the handsome cove in the brass plaque).

Anonymous said...

Fun self-portrait as an "avocat"... are you toying with the idea of moving to France under a new identity??? (just joking LOL)

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Great self-portrait!