Friday, 21 March 2008

À vitesse de croisière

Jour 4. Bow Hill Vers Five-Miles.
Aujourd'hui, nous conduisons à Five-Miles au bord du Fleuve Murray, pour voir la Houseboat (Péniche) de nos rêves. Wendy est la directrice d'une compagnie qui construit des Péniches de luxe. Celui-ci est 3 niveaux en haut et coûte environ $1 million. Quand vous nous rendez la visite, nous vous prendrons pour une croisière sur le fleuve depuis 3 ou 4 nuits.
Day 4, Cruisin' along......
Today, we are driving to Five-Miles, on the banks of the River Murray, to see the Houseboat of our dreams. Wendy is the manager of a company that builds luxury Houseboats. This one is 3 stories in height and costs about $1 million.


derek said...

Nice litte vessel but only for a weekender M.Benaut...Karina & I would catch GARFISH for breakfast, then she would have GARFISH for lunch & dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!

claude said...

Oh a cruise ! My dream !

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

To be honest, that amount seems modest for what it is. Three stories! It looks gorgeous. I'd like to see inside though.
Tell me, how do they get it from that dry land to the water?

M.Benaut said...

I'll show you Lynn. They have a slipway with railway wheels. The river level is now five feet below normal level.
Not only the agriculteurs are suffering.

Claude, yes; cruises are magnifique, and lots of good fun.

Derek, sorry cobber, no garfish in these parts. There might be some frozen garfish in the freezer !!

Terroni said...

Wow...all those fabulous windows.
I say you splurge and get it. ;)