Thursday, 13 March 2008

Un chien très méchant.

Henri a promis de prendre ma photo quand il a fini sa baignade.
Peut-être il ne sortira jamais l'eau ? Henri est simplement un petit chien très méchant quand il va au bord de la mer.
En tous cas, il aime beacoup la bouche du fleuve Murray. Il y a beaucoup de poisson, crabes et mouettes pour poursuivre.
Et, c'est pas tout à fait aussi chaud comme Adelaide à ce moment; il fait seulement 39.7°C. Très frais!
Henry reckons he could take a shot of me when he's finished paddling around, which may be never.
He's just a bad dog when he comes to the seaside. Like us all, he loves the Murray mouth and chasing anything that moves.
It's actually very cool in these parts at the moment; only 37.9°C.
Quite fresh, really !


Anonymous said...
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WichitaKsDailyPhoto said...

Nice photo of the dog and water. Looks like he is having a swimmingly good time.

M.Benaut said...




Anonymous said...

For Jilly: Henry is a beautiful golden retriever who belongs to the Boat Doctor.

Jilly said...

Great dog photo. Love to see a dog so happy.