Sunday, 23 March 2008

La neige glissera-t-elle de ce toit ?

Voici encore une résidence dans ma série occasionnelle de maisons d'Adelaïde.
Cette maison de 4 ans, construite aux Toorak Gardens, reflète un style Victorien populaire qui était communément construit à Adelaide il y a plus de 100 ans. Pourtant, il prévoit aussi des besoins du 21e siècle avec un garage souterrain pour bien 5 voitures.
Il y a deux maisons identiques ici, qui sont le miroir reflété, avec tout l'équipement moderne nécessaire.
Here is one more residence in my occasional series of Adelaide houses.
This 4-year old house at Toorak Gardens reflects a popular Victorian style that was commonly built in Adelaide over 100 years ago.
However, it also caters for 21st century needs, with underground parking for as many as 5 cars.
There are two identical, but mirror imaged houses here, with all necessary modern facilities.
We never have snow, here, but it would slide off this roof !


Karen said...

Good afternoon Monsieur & Madame Benaut, I just wanted to wish you both a wonderful, safe and Happy Easter with your family. Hope you have a lovely day.

dive said...

Very quaint, Monsieur.
And may I join Gypsy in wishing both you and Mme a very happy Easter.