Sunday, 18 November 2007

Le Faucon Bérigora

Le Faucon bérigora est un oiseau de proie habituellement trouvé dans les régions plus sèches de l'Australie, mais celui-ci vit chez Murray Bridge, près d'Adelaïde.
Tandis qu'il mangeait son déjeuner, (de petits lézards), il a demandé au Herr Schaussengraben, ce qu'il faisait.
Pouvez-vous voir le sang de lézard sur son bec, et voyez également le fleuve, et son habitat dans la deuxième photo ?

This Brown Falcon (Falco berigora) usually found in the drier parts of Australia, was enjoying his lunch of small lizards at Murray Bridge. He interrupted his lunch to ask Herr Schaussengraben what he was doing.
You can see the river and his habitat in the second photo.


Kate said...

You captured the Falcon quite beautifully!

Maria said...

I love falcons. Liv took a birding class at a wildlife preserve here in Nebraska and she fell in love with falcons too.

They are just so...fierce.

dw said...

the falcon's a beauty :)

Bergson said...

superbe prise

Karen said...

What a majestic looking bird and such beautiful surroundings too.

Jules said...

I thought I'd accidentally blundered into Abraham Lincoln's site M Benaut - this is very impressive!!! They are stunning birds.

How's ya back??? I have no voice at all today which is very frustrating for someone who talks non-stop!!!

PS By the way - I don't want to be nancy about it BUT how come Rabaul is not on your extensive list of Daily Photo Blog sites!!!!

Marie said...

I also thought you had posted one of Abraham's photos :-)) Très belles photos!

Something very strange happened to me this afternoon. I was walking on the parking lot of my supermarket when I saw a magpie walking towards me (not flying). "she" was "talking" too :-)) I crouched down. She came to me and she tried to take my scarf with her beak... She stayed with me for a few minutes. Incroyable. Some people said she was sort of "tamed"..... I will go again tomorrow, with my camera!

Jilly said...

Have you changed your name to Abraham? What a gorgeous bird and beautiful scene below. Two super shots.

claude said...

Très beau faucon . Il a un joli plumage. Il vit dans un bel endroit !

dive said...

I'm not sure if commenting on gorgeous Australian birds is strictly politically correct, Monsieur B. but that one certainly is a looker.

M.Benaut said...

Bonjour tout le monde,

I think that Monsieur le Président, takes much, much better shots...
Nancy !!, I promise to try and figure out how to do this link thing, I want to, - but every time I try, it goes wonky.
Marie, Est-il vraiment vrai que vous ayez des Magpies à Montpellier ? I would love to see the photo !
Dive, you young chap, you. How's the Birthday week going. We do NOT have political correctness in these parts. At least, not that I have ever been aware of.
I am sorry that I am behind in my posts but I "buggar'd" my back, as one says in New Britain. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it !!