Thursday, 1 November 2007

William et grand-papa en parc

Aujourd'hui grand-père et William sont allés au parc, mais il y avait très peu de pères là.
C'est le même parc que vous avez le tout vu il y a quelques jours.
Peut-être demain nous irons au centre commercial de la ville.


Anonymous said...

Bonjour Cheri,
Belle photo! Everard chopped down the gum tree today and took 2 trailer loads of wood and I spent 3 hours burning off in the paddock as today is the last day before the fire season starts. Left a message on your mobile - ring when you can. Auntie rang too and I gave her E's phone no. Please wish E. a Bon Anniversaire from moi. Did you give her the cadeaux yet? Je t'aime mon mari. xxx

Jilly said...

Yesterday's and today's photos don't show up. Tried them in IE as well as my usual Mozilla. There is a small box and a red cross in it?

meanwhile have a great time in Sydney.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Looks a stunning place. Finding the shade too you lucky people it's sunny here in the UK but quite BRRRR! Bonjour Madame !

M.Benaut said...

Jilly, I am sorry that they don't appear.
It is possible that it is happening because in Sydney, I don't have access to Firefox.
That's the system I normally use to publish.
Instead, I am using Apple Safari.
I am very disappointed this is happening and I wonder who else is affected ?
It is a weakness in the Apple system, apparently.

Jilly said...

This is something that has happened to me before - when I upload the pic, it appears in the Blogger compose screen but WITHOUT the Picasa icon below. Maybe you don't use Picasa, but if you do, you need to look for the icon. Having said all this, other people can see the photo, so it's a mystery. Strange it doesn't work in IE tho?

Never mind, I'm imagining the photos and they are GREAT!

M.Benaut said...

When I return to Adelaide, I can re-send them in Firefox.
That will be the test.

Jilly said...

Good idea! G'day!

Terroni said...

It looks like a lovely day!

alice said...

Je vous souhaite de délicieux moments à tous les deux!