Friday, 9 November 2007

Rue d'obscurité d'Adelaïde

On a appelé Adelaide quelques choses divers; la Ville d'Églises, la Ville d'Hôtels et il y a les années, la Ville des Bordellos.
Comment les temps changent!
C'est la Rue Hindley; une rue sans églises, mais je ne marche pas le long de cette rue après sombre.

Adelaide's dark street.
Adelaide has variously been called the City of Churches, the City of Hotels, and years ago, the City of Brothels.
How times change !
This is Hindley Street, Adelaide; a street with no churches, but I don't walk down this street after dark.


Maria said...

I am so totally American that it is disgusting.

I was looking at your photo and wondering why the hell the cars were going the wrong way.....

Um...yeah. C'mon, Maria, time to wake up and let the brain cells in.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Colourful photo against the grey sky i like it! No don't venture down there at night, M. Benaut!

dive said...

Yikes! Somebody's stolen the sky!
I must admit, that street doesn't look so inviting as most of those you post.
And steer well clear of The Palace.

Jules said...

Thanks M Benaut for your lovely dedication yesterday to bloggers like me who struggle to post and visit - it is much appreciated but hey why girls' bottoms where is a nice male bum to help me thru the dark lonely nights tied to my computer!!!!

This street looks pretty dark even in the day time!!!

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Is this where those bottomless girls live?