Monday, 12 November 2007

L'éducation est la clé à changer les attitudes de la société

Rupert Murdoch, le Président de News Corporation, hier, a exprimé des inquiétudes que les deux parties politiques principales transformaient l'Australie en société de dépendance.
Il a dit qu'aux USA et en Grande-Bretagne il y avait des problèmes sérieux avec l'éducation. "Le futur de n'importe quel pays est la qualité du capital humain et cela obtient de nouveau à l'éducation," il a dit.
"Les enfants, quand ils partent de l'école, ils sont pratiquement illettrés et elle est terrifiante, parce qu'ils formeront la prochaine population sous-privilégiée."
M. Murdoch a noté que l'éducation était la clé qui pourrait changer les attitudes de la société humaine, et qu'il doit encourager l'innovation, et une plus grande mentalité de l'inspiration.

Rupert Murdoch, the Chairman of News Corporation, yesterday expressed concern that both major political parties were turning Australia into a society of dependency.
He said that in the US and Britain there were serious problems with education. "The future of any country is the quality of human capital and that gets back to education," he said. "Kids are leaving school virtually illiterate and that is terrifying, because they will form the next underclass."
Mr Murdoch noted education was the key to changing society's attitudes, to encouraging innovation and a more aspirational mindset.


Marie said...

In France too we have a lot of problems..... I wonder what the real causes of that "situation" are (changing society, TV, school programs, etc.)

M.Benaut said...

Merci, chère Marie, de votre commentaire sympathique sur mon blog aujourd'hui.

La semaine a débuté d'un mauvais état. J'ai tiré une paire de muscles dans mon dos, quand j'ai essayé de charger quelques longerons lourds de bois dans ma remorque.

En conséquence, je regardais le plafond toute la semaine, et on a fait très peu au sujet de la photographie.

J'ai, maintenant atteint mon trois centième blogpost.

Si j'avais été en France, une telle chose pourrait ne jamais se produire !

dive said...

Ew! The Dirty Digger! What a revolting sight.

Scout said...

I hate to agree with the likes of Rupert Murdoch, but as far as education in the states, he may be right. My own kids aside, education beyond a paycheck doesn't seem to be much of a priority.

Jules said...

God I could go on forever about this. I think some of this is exaggerated - but the bottom line is that not enough is being done to encourage good smart people to become teachers. Who wants to stand in a class room and get abused (by the kids and the parents) for less money than you can get doing something where you are valued and safe!!!
I'll put the soap box away!!!

dive said...

This is a serious issue, but who on earth let Murdoch speak on it?
For a start, no-one in their right mind ever believes a word he says (which devalues the topic straight away), and the loathesome old scrote has never done anything without a hidden agenda, so I now expect Fox to start insinuating its kiddie's programmes and merchandising into schools.
Can we have a pretty photo next, please, to take the nasty taste away?

NorthBayPhoto said...

Its interesting that Mr. Murdoch thinks education is important when his television stations in the USA are anything but educational. FoxNews is certainly lacking in journalistic style and function most times (tabloid journalism - not that there isn't anything wrong with a bit of "fluff" news, it should be where you are getting all or most of your news).