Saturday, 19 January 2008

Il n'y a pas assez de rats à Adelaïde, peut-être ?

Je ne peux trouver aucun rats vers le haut ici, dit Felix.
Vous ressemblez à un rat de vers le bas ici, dit Sascha.
Perhaps, there are not enough rats in Adelaide?
I can't find any rats up here, says Felix.
You look like a rat from down here, says Sascha.


Unknown said...

lol they do certainly look on the warpath! Hell hath no fury like a ratless cat.

Marie said...

Are they your cats? They are beautiful!

dive said...

Aaaaaahhh …
No matter how grouchy I'm feeling, cute cat photos turn me into a pool of soppy mush. I love 'em.
Even when they're behaving weirdly like this.

And I managed to get through the whole comment without saying "I'm a sucker for pussy shots" … D'oh!

M.Benaut said...

Felix a indiqué,

"danke für das Sagen dieser netten Sachen über mich".

Er spricht nicht französisch !!
Felix is a very bad cat; he does not speak French.

Sascha, cependant, elle comprend le français très bien. Elle demande si elle peut venir à Gloucestershire et la Norfolk et Montpellier avec nous.

Bergson said...

Lorsque les chats montent à l'échelle comme sur ta photo, c'est pour que les souris puissent danser en dessous

En Français un proverbe dit : quand les chats ne sont pas là les souris dansent !!

M.Benaut said...

We say, here.
"When the cat is away, the mice will play."

"Quand le chat est parti, les souris joueront."
We must have stolen the proverb from the French.

Pour quelque raison, il n'y a aucune souris à notre maison. Je me demande pourquoi ?

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, they are gorgeous, aren't they and are the best of friends. When Sascha first joined our household, she just hopped into Felix's basket with him because she had been raised with a male litter-mate. Felix is a very gentle cat - he looked askance at her but she licked him and he must have thought, that's good enough for me.

Dive as "soppy mush"? lol