Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Est-ce que c'est un dragon?

Est-ce que c'est un dragon? Non, c'est un gum tree, (arbre de Eucalyptus).
Sur la route vers Goolwa, je suis resté avec mes amis, Heather et John, et ai marché autour de leur propriété des centaines de hectares. Nous avons vu des kangourous et des oiseaux, mais surtout j'aime cet vieil eucalyptus étonnant.
Is this a dragon? No, it's a gum tree.
On the way to Goolwa, I stayed with my friends, Heather and John, and walked around their property of many hundreds of hectares. We saw kangaroos and birds, but most of all I love this amazing old gum tree.


Unknown said...

Fascinating growth, M. Benaut. Why do we have the saying 'up a gum tree' - when in a bad situation. Is it sticky?

Jilly said...

This is getting my vote as your best photo yet. I love it. But then I adore gum trees - still miss the eucalypts of Oz.

Terroni said...

They have kangaroos...on their property?
I'm so freakin' jealous.

All I've got are squirrels.
No animals with pockets.

Anonymous said...

Bonza photo Mr.B,
Any Snottygobble's or Drop Bears on that good looking property??

M.Benaut said...

Oui, bien sûr, Herr Schaussengraben.

We didn't see any of those but for the first time in my life I saw two Giant Grey Kangaroos that were boxing.
As we approached, they hopped away before I could take a shot.
Perhaps next time; but I would need a good telephoto lens, (like yours, !!)