Monday, 2 April 2007

Salle de classe en plein air. 2

Between Adelaide's Government House and the Torrens Parade Ground on King William Road and on the banks of the Torrens, is this grassy river terrace, where people sit under shady old trees and peruse the walls of Government House which once bristled with bottle glass.
Today, boarding school girls and their teachers study the history of the place and contemplate the nurses who died in the wars, shown on this little memorial.


lynn said...

Gorgeous uniforms! Charming, just charming. Wasn't around to remind you of cat's food M. B. so you'd better go and check them right now!

Monica said...

Oh Lynn, Mme.Benaut is back now, so the cats are gonna be fine!!!

Mme Benaut said...

Hi girls,
Yes, I am home and the pussy cats are just fine. I have been reinstated as provider of the food and M.B has been given the sack. Three of them are asleep - two of them are hiding and probably also asleep.
Trying to tidy up the chaos that has descended in my absence. The house is starting to look like someone loves it once again. Boys are not all that good at tidying up are they?

Hope you had a great weekend Lynn!
How's the weather in Rio, Monica?

alice said...

Nice hats!

lynn said...

Yes gorgeous weekend Mme thank you... sigh... oh M. Benaut; rap on the knuckles for being untidy! I know that feeling Mme, but at least you're home now and in control of the household tidy-strings! I've been tidying up after the weekend too and i was here all the time! I tend to put off household chores whilst my man is here so that we can enjoy the limited time together. Consequently, though, it all looks a lot to do on Monday and ALSO i've found over the years that if you employ this tactic, the men just think (while they're there) that this household thing is an easy gig, nothing to do but relax and enjoy the time off. i.e. they think it's like that when they're NOT they're too! Ohhhh what to do... i don't know. lol

Monica said...

Hot Mme.Benaut, very very hot!


angela said...

This photo enlarges superbly.
Those uniforms are truly awful and somehow I never associated uniforms with Australia..too modern a country possibly.
I'm also pleased that the nurses got their own memorial.
Thank you for your nice compliments..I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and that cheered me up no end.