Saturday, 28 April 2007

Les poissons australiens aiment le coucher du soleil presque autant que des humains.

Fish in Australia love sunset as much as we do. We feed them and then we trick them into thinking it's dinner time. Our dinner time.
April in Adelaide, - Perfect any Friday.


Rob said...

I could see your new profile photo earlier but not currently... probably those blasted Drop Bears in the Adelaide hills again.

Monica said...

I see an X instead of you picture.

The weather seems so nice there. Were you fishing too? I take it it will be on your plate tonight!

I´ve answered your questions about the flight in Rio. Take a look there!
It was a sightseeing flight, not a regional flight.

Sally said...

What a beautiful mellow light, a perfect afternoon for strolling.

There is a wonderful picture in the Sydney Morning Herald today, which i can't see in the online edition. It's a Christo sketch for wrapping the Opera House (as he did with Little Bay). The sketch is up for auction.

M.Benaut said...

This is the best that I could find.

I'll have to keep at it. The photo was there and now it is not.
The weather here has changed and the long, long awaited rains have finally come. No, I was only the photographer, sadly.

What a jolly nuisance. We'll have to try again, Monsieur.

lynn said...

M. Benaut this did happen to me i recall. Try re-saving your chosen picture, then load that one in the same way. It may be the size.

Gorgeous picture. Colours, detail, the look on the yellow man's face.

Abraham Lincoln said...

I guess we can be thankful that the aliens who put us here don't come back and fish for us. That would make a nice picture too. I like your work.

I posted some code that you might find useful on my post today.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo