Thursday, 19 April 2007

Australians simply Love Orchids.

L'Australie produit les Plus Jolies Petites Filles dans tout le monde, (et leurs petits amis sont très beaux également); mais les orchidées sont presque aussi jolies que les filles !!!
En cette photo ma belle jeune fille porte Les Orchidées Apostasiacées à un mariage très important.

No Adelaide wedding can EVER be held without - Orchids, Little Girls, and Handsome Young Men.


Dsole said...

that's a beautiful photo, just look at her happy face!

I just read your yesterday post, and i feel so sorry for you, I send you a strong hug from Madrid. I guess life is really hard sometimes but to live it plenty is what we have to do.
Be strong now!

Abraham Lincoln said...

This is a very nice photograph and should be or could be in a wedding magazine.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Kate said...

Well, you got all three in this photo! Great candid shot.

Sally said...

Lovely happy shot. By the way, how come, Monsieur, your picture label is in German??? The Curious One.

isabella said...

She is truly lovely and full of life - just like her beau papa!

M.Benaut said...

Thank you for your lovely sentiments, and yes, Mum also lived a full and wonderful life.
Little smiley-face lives in London and hopefully will be giving away these big smiles over there.
You have wished us strength at the right time. Please read my message to you on yesterday's post. I hope it translates in the way I intended.

M. le President,
My daughter will be happy to hear you say that, Sir.
He IS a handsome young man, n'est-ce pas !!
They all studied German and/or speak it, so they had all just better get used to it !!!!
Moi, I never studied German and just struggle along. I guess it's easier to live in Europe and be amongst all the languages, whereupon you must surely pick them all up a bit as time goes by.
Madame is far better than I and can get along pretty well. So in Germany she will have to help me, later this year. Do you have any other languages?

M.Benaut said...

Vous dites des choses très gentilles, (mais nous sommes les deux les gémeaux)

Monica said...

M.Benaut, you´re one of the kindest person I know (even though only virtually). Your messages yesterday were very touching. I hope the support of your family and friends can make this time a little easier to carry on.

Anyway, you must be very proud. Your daughter looks so lovely and so happy in this picture! It´s a wonderful photo, it captured a great atmosphere.

freelancer said...

m.benaut, vous avez de très bons gouts (pour les filles et les fleurs :) )

Anonymous said...

What a great shot IB. At least we will always have smiles and orchids! AB

Terroni said...

She's a beautiful woman.
The orchids suit her.

santy said...

My deepest condolences... I lost my father just 5 months ago. I know it's a very difficult situation to deal with. Hope you'll be strong. My prayers are with you. Take care.

Ben said...

Sorry to hear your loss. I still remember the feeling of when I lost my dad in few years back. It is difficult time, but you do well with DP and if you can take a shot like this (indication of beginning).

M.Benaut said...

Você é muito amável.
As she says above, 'At least we will always have smiles and orchids!'

M. Freelancer et Romain,
Vous, les Français rendez la norme très haute. Nous espérons apprendre plus au sujet du bon goût, en septembre, quand nous vous rendrons visite.

Je crois que tout le monde (et moi aussi) vous aime beaucoup !
Papa xxxx.

Thank you for your lovely thoughts, and bravo, teenage acne, it shows how young you still are !!

Thank you for your kind message and prayers. I am very sorry to hear about your dear father and we will all be thinking of you too.

M.Benaut said...

That is a very nice philosophy. Thank you for coming over here to brighten us all up, You have, monsieur.

Nathalie in Sydney said...

Oho, the French and English versions of your comment are SO different !

No wedding without handsome young men? Throw away the little girls and the orchids, I'll keep the men, yum!

Joke aside, your daughter in law is beautiful and so are the orchids.

Nathalie said...

Back after reading yesterday's post. Births, weddings, funerals, isn't it ironic that life sends at us love, loss, pain, in any giving order at any time?

Good times are made for sharing, but so are bad times. Like many others before me, let me extend to you my deepest sympathy.

M.Benaut said...

The different versions are just a test to see if the readers DO actually read what we write. You are the first to have done that and so you win the grand prix.
Deuxièmement, c'est ma fille, qui s'appelle Alexandra, et elle habite en Grande-Bretagne. Est-ce que j'ai fait une erreur dans la traduction ?
Thirdly, thanks for that, your heartfelt sentiments are treasured and I appreciate your outlook on life, loss. love. What you say is true, and I enjoyed the way you put it. Thank you for the sharing, and the philosophy. I am really touched.

Nathalie said...

Ah m.benaut, you wrote 'ma belle fille' which with a hyphen (ma belle-fille) means my daughter-in-law. To say "My pretty daughter" the French would probably put their sentence together differently , something like "ma fille, qui est très belle..."

Then there's the difference between petite fille (little girl) and jeune fille (after puberty).

Anyway, your daughter is beautiful, monsieur. Votre fille est très belle. Et elle a un merveilleux sourire.

Z said...

I was just about to ask if you were from Alsace given the label and your previous comments auf Deutsch, but now I've read your other comments.

I tried off-and-on to write comments in German as well (I'm learning at the moment), but not many people were reading them so I stopped.

Regarding Villigen, although it hurts me to say it, I have to say that in Switzerland, it is probably one of the least pretty places. My favorite cantons are Wallis (Valais) and Graubünden (Grisons). Oh, how can I forget Tessin (Ticino). Has your son been in Basel a long time? Have you visited Switzerland often? It would be great to meet up with you.

Z said...

Oh, congratulation to your daughter on her wedding! Or should it be congrats to your son-in-law and good wishes to your daughter (old etiquette form? :-)

lynn said...

Fantastic, impromptu photo!

M.Benaut said...

It is so nice that you help me with my French.
I guess I will not get poisoned while fishing nor tell my wife how nice her horse looks when she gets home from the hairdresser. But only with your kind help !!!
I am enjoying this voyage immensely, merci.

Monsieur, I looked at Villigen on Google Earth and the landscape did look beautiful and I was able to see that it is not far from Colmar, A town I would love to know more about. I suppose that, where you live, one can hear German, French, Alsatian and all the intermingled dialects, both spoken and written. I also believe that school children can grow up with one of these dialects as their first language. All this is fascinating.
As far as posting in German, I reckon that you should do it. I use French a bit and I find that people are kind enough to fix me up when I make funny mistakes. My son works in Basel and has been there for nearly 5 years. He was in Verbier a lot before that, as were all my 4 kids. My other son lives in Munich. In the photo of 19 April my littlest daughter was bridemaid for my eldest daughter.

Z said...

I know some people from this area who like to go to Colmar to shop. I've never been there, but I hear that their Christmas market is especially nice. As for the language that one can hear in and around Villigen, it's mostly Swiss-German of the local flavor. French not so much. German quite a bit as there are many German immigrants/foreign workers. An assortment of eastern-European languages, plus some Turkish. The children do grow up with the local dialect, and learn "high" German in school. There have been changes in the choice of the 2nd and 3rd languages in recent years, which has led to a lot of hand-wringing. Used to be French and then Italian, but now many areas (in Zürich especially) are choosing to offer English. This is, of course, a very simplistic summary from a person who has been here for just a couple of years!