Thursday, 5 April 2007

Blight on the Landscape

Today is dilemma day. We have brought you high speed steam trains, little girls with big fish and little girls with lots of things. But this Wednesday's special has to be enthralling, captivating and riveting. Here, and before your very eyes, is the Stonyfell Quarry at Greenhill.
This quarry on the face of the foothills, visible as monstrous scar, can be seen from Adelaide and the coast when looking East.
The quarry, an open cut mine, started in 1837. It mines sandstone, quartzite rock, which is used as aggregate on Adelaide suburban roads and for building materials and railway ballast.
However, Adelaideians are oblivious to it. I guess we don't notice it anymore.


lynn said...

Stunning. Looks like a giant's steps to the sky.

Jilly said...

When I saw this photo in the portal I thought it was a European place - terraced land, perhaps set to olive groves or lemons or grapes. But no I see it's a quarry and it's in Adelaide.

Well, once it greens over, it'll be just fine. I see tho it changes the natural landscape.

I suppose Adelaide is so beautiful, locals are looking elsewhere. I judged a dog show one time in Adelaide. Stunning city except for the 43 degree heat beating down which was difficult as I lived in Tasmania at the time.

Jilly x

Monica said...

Impossible not to notice it! Reminds me a bit of the Grand Canyon, in the US.

Since you and I are so fond of the sea here are more pictures of la mer in Buzios

Michael said...

I don't know whether to be impressed or sad. It is enormous though.

I also wanted to tell you that I received a Google Alert for Alstom in my email today, and it was again Adelaide Daily Photo!! How cool is that?! How do you get reference by Google from a blog? I'm sure many people would love to know!

lynn said...

Giant's steps to the sky.

lynn said...

How weird. My first comment disappeared so i put it in again, now it's back!

M.Benaut said...

If it's weird, it's probably very Australian !
Il ne fait rien.
Welcome to Adelaide. We certainly share the same climate. You do it in French and we just try to !!!
It's a part of Adelaide that one cannot get to. It's on private property, owned by the 'mining' company. I really only noticed it when I went there to take the shot.
Thanks for your wonderful contribution to all the fun that we have been having and for telling me about those Google Alerts. When you visit their site, you see at the bottom of each page, a link to Bloggers. It will then search thro all the Blogs to find information on that subject. I will re-visit it and check to see if this is the most accurate description.