Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Early morning on the Murray.

At just before first light, the River Murray's serenity is only disturbed by the melodious sounds of snoring, floating over the quiet waters. Dozens of holiday-makers will soon arise and Houseboat motors will buzz into life. This is what the river looks like at 5:40 AM. April in Australia; still no worries!


lynn said...

I envy the no-worry syndrome! I like this subtle shot.

alice said...

Good as gold! Et la tête? Ca va mieux aujourd'hui? ;-)

lynn said...

I bet, Alice!

magiceye said...

looks like a dream....

lynn said...

Thanks for your inspiration this morning, Mme. Oh for a regular column... oh for publication of my book, any book! Please tell me if you have other ideas...! I COULD be the next Bill Bryson, i COULD. lol. I must, i must, i must increase my bust oh no that's the wrong chant. Don't need that one ;) lol.

M.Benaut said...


Bleeding Orange said...

Suprising shot!

Ame said...

Ooooooooo, neat effects on this snap M-B!


Nathalie said...

Any chance of saving the Murray? Looks like your politicians can't agree on anything, can they?

M.Benaut said...

It's an Aussie deep-rooted expression, as I'm well sure you are aware, meaning, "she'll be right mate", "who cares", "laissez-faire is too hard to think about", or "who'd like another drink?"
Ma tête est accoutumée au rire, mais elle était une minuscule, peu de morceau d'alcool, je crois. Mais non, celui ne peut pas être correct !!
That is what most folk were doing when I took this shot.
Bleeding Orange,
When you arrive here, we will amaze you in a hundred different ways.
You too, M"AAM. We have one of everything here!!!
I were to pray fervently about anything, I would pray for rain, non-compulsory elections, and politicians who have Australia's future at heart. Look what we are leaving for future generations.
C'est une honte monstrueuse.

Terroni said...

This photo...ahhh!