Sunday, 22 April 2007

What's for Dinner Tonight? 2

When Adelaideians feel like eating rabbit for dinner, a quick trip out to Finniss River on the Fleurieu Peninsula generally should do the trick.

But, rabbits are considered one of the most damaging and destructive introduced animals ever brought to Australia. Rabbits cause soil erosion and land degradation. These long-eared pests ring-bark trees and eat the seedlings, giving the plant species no way of growing back. They compete with native animals for habitat and food, such as the Greater Bilby which is now endangered, and are considered one of the most damaging and destructive introduced animals ever brought to Australia.

The boys reckoned they could shoot them, three at a time, but the camera was under the weather so we hope you will believe us? No, there weren't any rabbits to be found. Neither were there any steam trains on this broad gauge line, this day.

April in Australia; no worries.


Lee-ann said...

Hello Adelaideian! lol lol from one to another.........Well I was born in Mannum, lived in the E&ws dept. camps as Dad and others built the pipelines and then in Adelaide before falling in love with a victorian and as they say the rest is history!

Your posts are just what I needed tonight because even after all these years (I am now a nanni of 8) I still miss my old home town, my family still there and most of all Rabbit crumbed! lol lol.

Thank you for bringing a little of Adealide to this ladies home tonight.............Lee-ann

Michael said...

I agree, there are definitely a few trains missing there! This rabbit would go well with Lynn's lamb post of a few weeks back.

lynn said...

he he Michael you really wanted your lips around my lambs didn't you? LOL ;)

Great shot this, looks like he's contemplating shooting much more than a rabbit though. His errant lover? His boss? His gangland master? The hands of the one on the right are saying "put the gun down, lad, you know it makes sense. Come on now, give it to me."

Monica said...

I'm glad you didn't show any rabbit being shot, I would hate to see that!
Despite the things you said about the rabbit and the damages they cause, well, what can I do, I sympathise with the RABBITS.

They're so cute!

M.Benaut said...

You little devil, - marrying a Victorian !!!
There must have been a time when that was illegal.
Funny, though, while your Dad was building the Mannum to Adelaide pipeline, my Dad was teaching me how to shoot rabbits in Mannum. True blue; on the other side of the river. Now, that oil lamp, in your profile photo; I have it's identical twin. It's a Miller. Anyhow, great to see you in Adelaide and thanks for that great yarn. Because of your dad, we now have water.

I've got a train shot for you. In a couple of days. (I couldn't say they shot some rabbits, could I ?)

Bad girl, BAD.
Also, you really are a mind reader. Perhaps you should be compiling my texts. Naturally I would have to do yours, just for balance purposes.

Little Australian boys would never do bad things to anything small and soft and furry, it's not in our nature.

Michael said...

Just for you Monica...

A cute bunny rabbit

lynn said...

lol M. Benaut that could be a giggle...

Michael, naughty man you. Frightening poor Monica, she's only little. That was NOT a cute bunny rabbit it was the lupin from HELL. Now. Apologise nicely to young Mon'.

lynn said...

...and i see you refrained from comment about your lips around my lambs. My lambs are shrinking in offence.

Monica said...

Michael, that rabbit is not cute, not cute at all. You are very mean! I'll stick to the image of fluffy cute rabbits on my mind.

M.Benaut, the planes are flying fast and furious all over Rio!!! I'm sure you boys are going to like it. There's a video too that you can't miss.
It was an amazing race!!!

Michael said...

LOL Lynn and Monica...I KNEW you would appreciate the humour in it. You'd look like that too if you were about to be thrown into a pot of water for dinner.

I agree Monica, the video on your blog is fantastic!

Chuckeroon said...

As they might say in the film credits...."No rabbits were harmed during the making of this City Photo"!

M.Benaut said...

No, but they tasted good !