Thursday, 26 April 2007

Il n'y a aucune mouche sur lui. (Il est trop rapide.)

The last time I was at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, was on the 8th December 1956. As a little boy, I took myself and my Grandpa to the closing ceremony of the 16th Olympiad.

These-days, William takes his Dad and Mum to the Richmond v Sydney Swans football match at the M.C.G. and shows them the things his Grandpa and his great, great Grandpa have passed down to him.

As they say in Australia, "There's no flies on him !"


Sally said...

Is Adelaide in some sort of revved up time zone? You're on Thursday already!

lynn said...

What a fabulous photo! Just look at the expression on William's face! Wow i hope you have this framed, it truly warrants it.

alice said...

Expression rigolote! And what a nice photo!

Kate said...

Great photo of father and son. The babe looks alert, healthy, and very happy! I'm a baby-lover and would love to hold him!

AinZ said...

such great picture of your two boys!

Monica said...

HE IS ADORABLE!!! I agree with Lynn, this is a great photo, it´s got to be framed!!!

M.Benaut said...

Merci, madame,
It's been a topsy turvey week.
I knew you would like this one, and you did not let me down. You will see him again, even before cherry blossom time.
Peut-être il ressemble à son grand-père, non ! En Australie, nous regardons très drôles au Français. C'est parce que nous sommes inversés, vers le bas ici. Il est très difficile de traduire ce, mais j'espère que vous comprenez.
I see you have a new position.
Felicitaciones que le enviamos. We would love you to visit Australia and hold him. He would love that !
En cette photographie, je vous montre notre petit William et mon beau-fils qui s'appelle Patrick. Ils lui montrent le stade où les jeux olympiques ont été tenus en 1956. J'étais présent à cet événement quand j'étais un garçon très petit.

M.Benaut said...

Você deve vir Austrália porque William amaria o ver em nossa casa.

M.Benaut said...

My apologies to you. It was Dsole who had started a new adventure today. I am sorry.

Monica said...

Thank you M.Benaut! I´d love to meet little William too!

I think it´s fantastic that you look for the history of the photos shown on DPs. That´s the kind of thing I like to do too, I´m very curious about places and history. Lately I haven´t had much time to do this, so pretty often I have to just hit and run.. terrible I know. In the past months all my research has been to Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam, that´s what my trip in July will be about. I´m also lookinf for hotels, all kinds of reservations and tours, so there´s not much time left to other things. But hey, people say that a voyage begins even before you take a plane, so I guess you and I have been travelling a lot!!!

clo. said...

Beautiful grandchild M.Benaut. Love the dimple on his right cheek. My son has one on the left.

Lots of history for you in that stadium, don't forget to write him the stories, that way he will always have your words to lead into his own stories about the same stadium.

Monica said...

When we enlarge the picture William looks even cuter, if that's even possible!!!

M.Benaut since I don't post daily (unfortunately I really don't have time to keep up or take that many pictures) when I go to Europe I will REALLY be out on vacation!!! I'll try to check PDP and you guys on cyber coffe shops once in a while. I can't stay away from you all for 2 whole weeks!

And by the way, can't you and Mme.Benaut anticipate your trip to France? Why don't you go in August???!!! ;-)

Monica said...

Thanks M.Benaut. I already knew Google Earth. I use it a lot when researching for my trips.
I'm fascinated by it!

riniroo said...

What a happy child! It's a joy to see a family doing what families do best - loving each other. They are both adorable.

lynn said...

Just came here to see if you had a new photo and there's cutie-pie William still smiling at me. How lovely - i don't want him changed!

Irina said...

This baby-boy seems to enjoy the match! :)

M.Benaut said...


Он любит пойти к местам с своими отцом и мумией

Он 7 месяцев старых