Sunday, 8 April 2007

Waiting for the Train?

The SteamRanger Heritage Railway operates heritage steam trains between Mt Barker in the Adelaide Hills, over the Mt Lofty Ranges, to Strathalbyn and on through the coastal holiday towns of Goolwa and Port Elliot to the tourist resort of Victor Harbor.
These young men are examining the Finniss River Viaduct with this magnificent river gum as a backdrop.
On Google Earth, go to, 35°23'22.15"S and 138°48'51.23"E


lynn said...

but why the champagne? Had they heard about Lynn's birthday? lol.

You wouldn't get me on that contraption for love nor money! Madness, pure madness i say. Mad, mad, mad. oh and ... eek.

M.Benaut said...

Naturellement Madame! On doit toujours célébrer l'anniversaire de Lynn avec beaucoup de Champagne, particulièrement en Australie.

Abraham Lincoln said...

This is a nice photograph. I think the platform they are standing on is to escape the train? Not sure. I like the gum tree too. It reminds me of our giant sycamores that line stream beds so I am confidence somewhere along the line they are cousins.

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Monica said...

...after Lynn's party yesteday, I feel like a train passed over me... very appropriate post...!

Monica said...

Mme.Benaut, let's have this wonderful breakfast you prepared by a lagoon, shall we? Take a look a Rio, I found the perfect spot!

lynn said...

Yes and bring some of those breakfast cocktails you had a while back, M et Mme.