Friday, 20 April 2007

What's for Dinner Tonight?

When Adelaideians feel like eating fish for dinner, a quick trip out into American River on Kangaroo Island generally should do the trick. James reckoned he could pull them in, three at a time, but the camera was under the sandwiches so we hope you will believe us.
King George Whiting are considered as one of the best table fish around, and South Australia is fortunate to have the densest concentration of King George Whiting in Australia. They can reach a maximum length of 70cm, weigh up to 2.5kg, with a maximum age of fourteen to fifteen years. That's not bad at $30 per kilogram, as James found out this day.
On Google earth, rip across to 35. 45. 45 S and 137. 50. 00 E, and you'll see a few more jumping into the boat. Now, where can we catch some lemons?


edwin s said...

I only just heard. I come across the ocean with my deepest condolences. Godbless.

Anonymous said...

The price of King George whiting at the markets in Adelaide today is around A$50/kg, but o so tasty!!

M.Benaut said...

Edwin s,
Thank you so much for your kind condolence message, all the way from KL. I do hope we can meet some day, we live not too far away.

M.Benaut said...

Herr Schauussengraben,
It is so nice to see you here, mein herr. Thank you for your price update. It would also be useful to know the price of the specimen that I posted on April Fool's Day.
Es ist wundervoll, Sie hier zu sehen Herr S.

Anonymous said...

A beauty, and dinner too. Nice photograph.

Today I show my wife, of 52 years, and President Bush's jet that is carrying his automobiles.

Abraham Lincoln

Sally said...

M'sieur, pour répondre à votre (toi?) question d'hier, parlo un po' d'italiano, et un even petiter peu de francais. However, I believe , quand à Paris, essayez votre meilleur.

And I studied German for 4 years at HS and am hard pressed to remember very much at all. The odd menu translation....

M.Benaut said...

That is just sheer poetry. I can recall being at King's Canyon and Ayer's Rock in the late 1980's, and continuously running in to the same Ukrainians or whatever. None of them could speak English or we didn't want to. The result was side spitting, just like you are saying here, and it works. We became best friends on the track !

M.Benaut said...

Monsieur. le President,
Your post, today is one of the nicest I have ever read. I would ernestly encourage everyone to go over to

and read this wonderful post you share with us today. Also, the photography is brilliant, and I for one, have far to go, to approach this standard.

Nathalie said...

The camera was under the sandwiches! Oh m.benaut, you have such humourous ways!

Now where to catch a lemon? Unfortunately they usally come to you without you suspecting that they are lemons!!!!

Monica said...

Hey, now we have to see a photograph of the dish ready! How did those fish look on your plates?

Or at least a photo of the sandwiches... I´m hungry...

M.Benaut said...

You make me laugh out loud. Thank you, a laugh was something I had forgotten about. Merci encore.

M.Benaut said...

Mein Gott, it's only 6h:30 in Rio and you are up and doing already?
I can offer you some beautiful Orange cake that Mme. has just baked and some coffee, but that keeps one awake !
Les poissons were scrumptious. They didn't stay on the plate long enough for a photo, but it was hard fishing for that lemon - until one just floated past!
I hope the surfing is great, this morning in Rio.

Dsole said...

M. Benaut I get your message and your idea..
This pic is fantastic! Fresh fish for dinner! Would you be so kind to invite us? ^^

M.Benaut said...

So many Bloggers , (and others) have never been to Australia.
Because we are such a young country, we don't tend to have conflicts.
I have just "been" in Rio, where Monica (and Michael) have posted some beautiful photos, and I have read on Reuters News about the insurrection they are having there with so much violence. It's so sad.

I would love to see more of our friends coming down under, but that is easier said than done.
So, that is one reason we become photo bloggers. To share our city with others. Therefore, you are all welcome to come here to Adelaide on my invitation and we will catch fish, eat fish and carry-on like fish anytime, you wish. We could even have a little wine and check-out the other 2,999,999 square miles that Australia has.

Mi casa es su casa.

Monica said...

M.B., it was around 9:30 am when I left the first message and I had a simple breakfast today, that´s why your post made me hungry!
I was guessing they didn't stay on the plate long enough for a photo..!

The sun is beautiful here today and I bet the surfers are enjoying it. I´m at the office... so, what do I know :-(

Monica said...

M.B., about the insurrection, it is sad. With the problems becoming more intense over the past months we´re hoping the federal government will finally intervene and try to do something about it. But this problem will take years to be solved, it´s very complicated because of the geographic characteristic of Rio (the drug dealers are in very strategic points).
Thanks for your concern buddy!

thesalems said...

Our thoughts and prays are with you ""an unknown friend this may be true but when i prayed i prayed for you...Stephen Salem.""

Michael said...

Your photo really made my day. I would give anything to be out in the ocean fishing. None of this wimpy lake and river stuff. Give me a deep sea and some surprise catches and I'm in heaven. Florida seems further and further away each day.

lynn said...

Looks great fun. I so envy that water and sky!

RamblingRound said...

I've got cornmeal for hushpuppies, cabbage for coleslaw and fries in the freezer. What time will the fish be done?
Also, my deepest condolences, and may God be with you.

Anonymous said...

I had to return.

I came to thank you for visiting my blog, yesterday, and for your comments about Patty's last radiation treatment. She was so pleased that I heard from so many people, including Eric, and I know it made her day extra-special. She was also surprised that some of you also visited her blog and left comments there. So thank you for your visit and comments. Being new to the community, it was a big surprise to us. Thanks again.

Abe and Patty Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

M.Benaut said...

The Salems,
An unknown friend is a friend, indeed. Thank you, and your encouragement is a blessing to us.

Florida can be easily found in Australia. We have the lot, no alligators, but we know how to entertain folks. Even Yanks !!!
We'll have that Aussie twang in your mouth, a beer and some Whiting and probably a bit of good healthy sunburn, mate.
Look at Google-earth as I suggested and you will see the ripples of all those fish, the Pub at Penneshaw and the barbeque smoke. Just get those damn tram contracts signed and the little cotton picker down here aussi vite que possible, mate.

All of the above applies to you too, dear. Read my lips.

Read the above, including the Yank bit. Folks from Selma are most welcome here. We just adore, ADORE, your accent. We may never let you depart.
Your condolences are kind and we are grateful. Thank you sincerely.

Monsieur le President,
It is truly a great surprise and a great pleasure to be validated by so many folks. I am so pleased to know that Patty received messages of support from so many. I confess that I did too, and that, in itself is God's blessing. Let us all praise this wonderful community of friends.