Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tout le monde avait attendu

Quand on marche lentement vers un tram français, envoyé de Madrid en Espagne, caméra collée à l'œil, combien de temps faudra-il attendre avant qu'il ne s'envole?
La réponse est: non pas un long moment.
Celui-ci assis à l'arrêt de tram pour seulement quelques secondes.
Ce semblerait nous devenons plus français, ici à Adelaïde.

Theme day : Waiting, waiting ..... too late !!!
When one cautiously approaches a new French tram, yes, a foreign tram, in our city .......camera glued to the eye, how long will it wait before it flies off ?
The answer is: not a long time. This one sat at the tram stop for only a few seconds


Kate said...

WAITING for a ride on this sleek tram would be a delight, which is not always true when one has to wait for something or someone!

M.Benaut said...

Hi Kate, waiting is a sin if you ask me.
Your recent photos in San Fran were great.
Can you recall seeing these trams in Paris just recently.
They go from La Defense to St Cloud and places South.

Happy December 1st ... the first official day of Summer in Australia.

Ned said...

Si on met du sel sur la queue du tram, est-ce qu'on peut l'empêcher de s'envoler? Dans ce cas il faut toujours transporter du sel avec soi pour être sûr de ne jamais rater le tram.

Les trams sont-ils plus ou moins peureux que les pigeons ?

Jilly said...

What a smart tram. I know we have them in Nice but I've not yet got there to ride on one. The ones I remember in childhood were NOT like this. I'm a bit confused. Is this tram in France, Spain or Adelaide...perhaps I'm tired!

Jilly said...

Oh yes now I read it properly and it's in Adelaide. Well good for Adelaide.

M.Benaut said...

Dear Jilly,

It's these new cameras that tire a girl !!!

I went in to Photographic Wholesalers today to see your new camera.
It is a little ripper to be sure.

BTW I am sorry to hear your doggie is not well, à ce moment là.
I hope that things turn around aussi vite que possible.

Isn't it funny how the French think you can catch something just by throwing salt on its tail.
But then if you threw salt on my tail, I guess you would see me in France !!!

Keep up the good work, there's bound to be a dollar in it ???

Best love - de benaut

MmeBenaut said...

You won't have to wait for me too much longer darling.
I love all the photos and stories. The rain looks just wonderful; might keep the lawn green for a while longer ...

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

It looks like it would be a lot of fun to ride, and I wouldn't mind "waiting" for it at all (especially since the sun is shining!)
Three Rivers Daily Photo

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Looks rather pretty!

Marie said...

Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire sur mon blog, qui m'a fait très plaisir, M. Benaut.

Je n'arrive pas à croire que vous avez un tram à Adelaide!!!! Ici on a commencé la troisième ligne. On va installer un tram dessiné par Christian Lacroix, dont la maison vient de faire faillite. Purée, ça craint !

Gordon said...

I love our trams; I have only had a fleeting glimpse of the French one and it did not "wait" for me to get my camera out!

Thanks for dropping in to my blog, and for your words of encouragement.

Jilly said...

Monsieur Benaut, thanks for doggy good wishes. He had major surgery yesterday - draining the inner/middle ear. Poor dog was in agony and on morphine. So far so good. Back to the vet in half an hour but I'm hopeful. He worried the invasive surgery would affect his eye or throat as he worked so near the nerves. Fingers crossed and thanks.

Michael Salone said...

Oh what a lovely tribute M Benaut! I hadn't noticed that it was even the same colour as the French flag! That yellow one just has to go.

So, what is the public reaction to these new things?