Monday, 1 December 2008

Dîner sur le Quai du Général Durand

We took the back road to descend Mont Saint Clair and to re-enter Sète from a new angle.
The Promenade du Maréchal Leclerc led us around great coastal scenery, finishing with the St Louis Breakwater, - Le Mole de Saint-Louis, with its Phare, - or Lighthouse on the eastern tip.

We were now definitely and obviously in France's largest fishing port.
You could practically hear the fish.
You could certainly smell the fish and the sounds the fish were causing were the sounds of hungry revellers patrolling the Quai de la Consigne and the Quai du Général Durand.

The fervent tinkling of wine glasses was enough to put halt to procrastination.
Marie identified the superior establishment; or was it just the third restaurant we had come across ?

Le Restaurant l'Escapade was blue and white, served fish and all manner of sea creatures and the Maître de la maison was seated in a Godfatherly fashion in the rear stalls. What more was needed !

Time to roll up the sleeves for the serious things in life !


dive said...

Ah, there are very few finer things in life than strolling along beside a fish dock in the evening and eyeing up all of those lovely seafood restaurants in anticipation of a fishy feast.

Well, I suppose one thing that's finer is when you are blessed with another grandchild, so many congratulations, Monsieur!

M.Benaut said...

You know, old son, - we should just do that one day.
Where shall we start ? Leningrad, Scorpios, Trieste, Kyoto ?
Je ne sais pas.

Yes, two grand children.
William in Sydney and Ella in Switzerland.
I should really see her on her first birthday, 19 December.

Perhaps we could go to the fish markets on the Rhine at Basel.
Basel has Switzerland's only cargo port, where goods pass along the navigable stretches of the Rhine and connect to ocean-going ships at the port of Rotterdam.

Too easy ?

MmeBenaut said...

And Summer and Sapphire in Adelaide? I think he means four grand children Dive, if you add them together!! Or two each?

Jules said...

You both look way too young to be grandparents!!!