Monday, 8 December 2008

Pompiers et Policiers Municipaux

No sooner had we arrived at the Beatrice Bellegarde Restaurant in the Rue Gallante, - when the entire precinct became enveloped in thick smoke.

Fire and excitement had broken out in the Place de l'Horloge and this sticky-nose could not resist.

Leaving the ladies to their own devices, so rudely, here are the pompiers and police municipales that caught my attention.

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Anonymous said...

It was quite something really, the way thick smoke engulfed the street in such a short time. Upon hearing the fireman's truck siren, MB grabbed his camera and rushed to the scene, the waiter ran to check if the fire wasn't at his own place a couple of blocks away... and Mme and I found ourselves on our own for a quiet girlie girl conversation.

MB I love your third photo where the fireman's truck pulls up right alongside the outdoor dining tables and diners stay there enjoying their meal while the tall ladder goes up. Isn't that amazing???