Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Le Pont-Aqueduc Romain : Pont-du-Gard

The morning of 10th September saw the silver car point its nose in full German cotillion in direction Vers-Pont-du-Gard where it had promised to show us two wonders of the South of France; -
The Pont-Aqueduc Romain which for two thousand years has proudly stood over the Gardon river; and especially, the remarkable and romantic Pont d'Avignon where the contredanse and the quadrille were still alive and dancing !

The Roman aqueduct Pont-du-Gard and the 16th-century Pont Saint-Nicolas are two historic bridges that cross the Gardon which in turn flows into the Rhône at Beaucaire, near Vallabrègues.
These destinations are within 25 kilometres of Avignon and only a short hop along l'autoroute Languedocienne from Montpellier, - about 65k.

Unfortunately there were no volunteers to throw me in the River Gardon.
They were already swimming under the heat of the midday sun !

I was starting to enjoy these French traditions and will use them on my French visitors early next year.
They will appreciate my thoughtfulness and diligence in researching French culture and customs!


dive said...

That is one sexy set of photos, Monsieur!
Thank you.

Jules said...

Love the angles - really shows off the architecture - not that I'd know anything about architecture - but it looks good!!!!

PJ said...

What an engineering feat, and so beautiful to look at.