Tuesday, 2 December 2008

It's no Comedie - to be leaving

I think I have resolved the problems of the world.

If anyone wishes to move to New York, Lima, Helsinki or Venice, just let me know.
I will come and live in your town and continue your Daily Photo Blog in your absence.

Adelaide Daily Photo will become "Have Clavier - Will Travel".

However, as the requests come in, I would definitely prefer La France; le Sud; somewhere near water.

Mon coeur reste en France comme vous pouvez sentir.


Virginia said...

Mon coeur reste en France aussi!!!

Anonymous said...

Have clavier - will travel. What a grand idea!

My dear m.b. you're welcome to come and do Avignon DP in my absence but I doubt you'll enjoy your stay as much now as you did in September. It's cold, so cold it's not even funny and I find myself dreaming of moving to the southern hemisphere!!!

I wouldn't mind sharing my time between both parts of the world in order to avoid winter!

Anonymous said...

To understand your headline today, your readers need to know that Montpellier's main square, featured here, is called Place de la Comedie.