Thursday, 4 December 2008

Avignon, sur la rive gauche du Rhône

With Pont-du-Gard sliding into the arrière plan and the lure of lovely Avignon looming closer, we stormed across the Rhône at the Pont de l'Europe.

Had we known that Nathalie had been nurturing those Banksias for Sally and ourselves we would have slowed down on the Boulevard de l'Oulle.

As with all the ancient Roman towns in Europe, the walls of the city, - the ramparts, form a formidable fortress both visually and logistically.
We drove in a circle until the correct Porte popped up and presto, - we were inside the oval, the old city.
The street names were like large snippets of history and culture wrapped into one and by the time one had read, "Boulevard du 58ème Régiment d'Infanterie", half the city and the correct gate had slipped by !

The Kyriad Hotel in Montpellier had recommended the Kyriad in Avignon; (Strange - that !), and I couldn't have been more pleased with its location right in the centre of Avignon.

Everything that one's heart could possibly desire was within a large or small stone's throw from this central location in the absolutely magnifique Place de l'Horloge, right plumb in the heart of what was to prove to be the prettiest town in France.

A very short walk from the 'place du parking souterrain' and we were at the Kyriad and on the blower to Nathalie.

The fun was about to begin !!!

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Jules said...

Last time I was here the river had flooded the road around the city walls and they were sandbagging the gates. A boat had been pulled off its moorings and was sailing down the road!!!! Looks much better in your photos MB!!!