Sunday, 7 December 2008

Avignon was blissful.

After a few delicious cool drinks and a lazy introduction to life in Provence, we excitedly traced a new path into the heart of the old city to find the restaurant Nathalie had chosen.

Avignon was blissful.

This town is so old, yet so orderly, so steeped in history yet so modern, so ancient yet so well laid out and well equipped.

How could one not visit such a lovely city, yet friends who had just returned to Australia advised me to stay outside the walls.

Stupid Australians, - I will certainly straighten them out.

(And of course, - the men, ladies.
Here is a small preview. They were quite handsome in their uniforms and you will see what they were doing, in a few minutes.)


Unknown said...

Ooh yes they do look good. Uniforms always do. However, my appetite was whetted with images of near-naked men frollicking on beaches, like the women you have posted! Shame...

Anonymous said...

I agree Lynn. These fire fighters look manly enough in their uniforms but on the topic of the number of layers they're wearing they're probably as far as you can get from Chippendales! Too bad eh?

Anonymous said...

I like your third photo M.B.,
I posted numerous photos of the Popes Palace as seen from my rooftop terrace but never one at dusk and yours is excellent. I find it's the kind of light my camera doesn't adjust to very well, or perhaps I need a tripod - but you managed without it, well done!

M.Benaut said...


You poor darling !
Can you imagine ME taking shots of near naked men?

I don't think I've ever seen a near naked man.
Except moi !!!

You funny girl, you !

M.Benaut said...

Je pense que j'étais très chanceux avec la lumière qui réfléchissait sur les murs du Palais, Nathalie.

En tous cas, j'étais très chanceux pour être à Avignon.

Un homme doit compter ses bénédictions, n'est-ce pas ?

dive said...

The girls are right, Monsieur; these guys can't hold a candle to the naked hunk in the surf you posted a little while ago. I wonder who he was?

And that is an utterly beautiful photo of both Mme and Nathalie.
Thank you for that.

Marie said...

Avignon est un enchantement. I wish I had a nice house to welcome you as well as Nathalie did.

Unknown said...

Well I'll tell you what. Get Mme to tell you which direction they are, then close your eyes and press the shutter. For us. ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL Lynn!

Unfortunately there were no near naked men to be seen in Avignon, whichever way you turned. No doubt Aussie beaches are a better option for that - sigh.